Dignity, Stability, Productivity, and Power for Women in Ethiopia

While simple handouts can actually slow development, the most impactful aid helps people become more productive.

I’m in Ethiopia, learning about how some of the world’s poorest countries are developing, and studying the reasons for Ethiopia’s impressive progress. I’m seeing the value of smart partnerships between caring governments and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) — and I’m learning that women are critical to development. (Sorry, men — but it’s women who tend to be the ones dedicated to family, health, and fiscal responsibility.)

Today we visited an inspiring organization called Women in Self Employment (WISE), which is based out of a bustling neighborhood in Addis Ababa. Join me in this clip to learn about this shining example of a program that helps people help themselves in the developing world.

You can find out more about my trip to Ethiopia at https://blog.ricksteves.com/blog/tag/ethiopia



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