What makes a face look the way it does? This is a question that you would find really difficult to answer because the face though a very small part of our whole self, is composed of many features. Many people swear that the eyes and lips are the most important features of a face and can add or take away from how attractive it is. While this is not wrong, it is also the complete truth because every aspect of our face makes a contribution to the final appearance of our face. Take for instance, something as small as the eyebrows, it can make a big difference to the way you appear. Some have even described eyebrows and eyelashes as the frame for the eyes and this is not entirely wrong. That is why it is important to study the different eyebrow shapes and learn how to deal with it to the best advantage. knowing this will come in handy along with quick and easy eyebrow tutorials to copy.


The grooming of eyebrows and the face will be an important factor along with important tips for face, lip and eye makeup step by step. The thing is that eyebrow shapes are very important to know so that you can avoid makeup mistakes that you should avoid to ensure that you look younger along with many other factors.


Here are the basic different types of eyebrow shapes:


Unibrow: This is the kind of brow that looks like a single brow instead of two different brows. Some people are overwhelmed by the unibrow and tend to get the joining bit of hair threaded off while others tend to flaunt the unibrow and look good doing it too.


Thick eyebrows: While some may crib about the fact that their brows are thicker than they should be, this feature can actually add a lot to your face and make you look good. But the thing is that you have to be really smart about getting these trimmed and cleaned on a regular basis to avoid looking unkempt.


Thin eyebrows: Sparse eyebrows are a blessing in the sense that maintaining them and shaping them does not require much work but some may bemoan the fact that their face lacks definition because of the sparse brow. However, the only thing that you have to keep in mind is avoid the overly arched look as it tends to look a bit odd.


Flat eyebrows: The idea behind the concept of keeping flat eyebrows looking good is to ensure that the gap between eyebrows a little wide to add definition and structure to your face. You can also have the beautician add a curve on the outer edge of your brow to make it more attractive.


Arched eyebrows: A slight lift in the middle of the eyebrows tends to give your face a slightly sardonic look that can make you look more interesting. If you are not comfortable with arch, you can soften the curve or have a high point to make it look edgier.

We also give you some definitions of eyebrow shapes that include round, narrow sophisticated, seductive, exotic, gradual, peek, and sleek and all these also come in thin, natural and thick intensities.

For those of you who feel that your eyebrows are not as thick as you would like them, you can massage them with almond and coconut oil to stimulate their growth. Alternatively, you can also become skilful in the use of eyebrow pencils to add volume to your eyebrows.

We are sure you enjoyed reading this article that details out different eyebrow shapes.

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