Tables with metal legs look really sturdy and durable and they really are, this being one of the reasons why they’re so attractive. Apart from the sturdy construction, such designs also impress on other levels too. If we take just a few minutes to consider all the great tables that have metal legs and that stand out and look amazing, the list would get pretty long pretty quickly. Metal table legs rock and you’ll get to see why in just a moment.

The MetalWood Studio actually specializes in creating furniture out of metal and wood. Their unique take on handmade live edge furniture inspires custom designs that perfectly suit their settings. Take this gorgeous table for instance. It’s not only unique in terms of form but also in terms of materials used. The company uses sustainably sourced wood of the highest quality and this breathes new life into reclaimed wood or fallen trees, allowing them to become a special part of out interior decors.

Another name that knows how to make the most out of reclaimed wood and how to combine it with metal to create stunning furniture is Mark Jupiter. The array of custom furnishings in the collection is quite impressive and a particularly eye-catching piece is this dining table which has a live edge top made of wood from a fallen tree and a round industrial steel base.

There are lots of different decor types that can make metal table legs look amazing but mostly it’s the modern and the industrial styles that do a good job at that. This is the Stir Trestle table by Kroft. It has signature rounded legs made of metal and beautiful, rectangular top made of wood. Given the simplicity of the design, the table can be used in a variety of different settings, including for dining and for work.

The New Solo Star is a bar-height table with a strong industrial vibe. It can be a wonderful addition to spaces such as casual living rooms, open floor plans, basements, bachelor pads and other settings. Its top is made of acacia wood and the base is iron. There’s also a cool metal rim around the edge of the top which, by the way, has a pretty interesting form.

This extraordinary table is designed by Barberini & Gunnell exclusively for ammann//gallery. It’s one of the top designs, being a wonderful representation of the studio’s unique take on furniture. Their creations are at the limit between furniture and sculpture, combining contrasting elements and showcasing sophisticated craftsmanship and the unique properties of the materials. In this case, the design combines a simple marble top and a sculptural metal base.

As far as simpler designs go, you can find them in lots and lots of different forms. These two models come from Interni Store, a studio that believes designs is the materialization of thoughts. Some thoughts are pretty mainstream and common but others are really special and we also say that about a lot of furniture designs. Both of these tables combine solid wood tops and graphical metal bases, the result being a pleasant contrast.

Orwadth is a dining table with characteristics of a classical piece despite being a modern creation. It puts together a thick, solid wood top with organic lines and live edges and a sculptural and simple base with metal legs in a black finish. The design is simple, elegant and versatile which makes it well suited for a variety of different spatial configurations and interior design types. The table is designed by Cristian Branea.

The combination between metal table legs and wooden tops is not restricted to dining tables. A lot of coffee tables feature this combination of materials too. In fact, it’s a pretty common combo for all types of tables. This particular one puts an emphasis on the solid top.

It’s often the simplest of designs that stand out the most and that manage to best showcase the beautiful nature of the materials involved. This dining table is a classic example. Both its metal base and its wooden top are characterized by clean and simple lines and no unnecessary details.

On the other hand, certain styles require more than that and as the forms get more intricate they also start to be more and more expressive. Similarly, designs that offer more flexibility and increased functionality are special and this table is a good example. It’s a table with adjustable height, a desirable feature in a lot of cases.

The combination of wood and metal is a very well-balanced one, so harmonious that you can successfully make it a part of any style. For instance, imagine this oval table in a rustic or in a traditional setting. It would fit right in and the same thing can apply to a lot of industrial and modern decors as well.

It’s important to also maintain the balance in other ways and through other design elements apart from the table itself. For instance, place some chairs with metal legs around the table to create a cohesive look or have the chairs’ frames match the table’s wooden top.

Some designs can be a bit too style-specific to suit more than one or two styles. This table is one such example. For some decors, its design is perfect and for others it can be a bit too much. Nevertheless, you can always count on it being a quirky focal point for the space you put it in.

A lot of times it’s the little things that matter the most in a decor or the design of a certain furniture piece. That being said, we enjoy the carefully cut angles of this table’s solid top and the refined roughness of the metal legs that support it.

A table that has an interestingly-shaped base or a sculptural pedestal that supports its top doesn’t need much else to stand out. As a result, the top is usually very simple. In this particular case. the live-edge wood is a pretty strong feature.

There has to be a good balance between the form, finish, color and the proportions of a table’s base and top. Take this one for example. It has an elongated, rectangular-style top and a base that partially mimics that form but in a sculptural way.

The combination of wood and metal is in no way unusual or unconventional, especially when it comes to tables. This coffee table puts together a uniquely-shaped wooden top and metal hairpin legs.

In some cases, the beauty comes from contrasts, such as the one resulted from the combination between a polished metal pedestal base and a solid wood top. The top has a toned down look that grounds the shiny base.

The fact that metal-base tables fit great in industrial and even in rustic settings is undeniable. You can clearly see that here where a small metal and wood table is used in combination with a matching pair of bar stools.

There’s no rule saying how to combine tables and chairs. I guess each table offers at least two or three options and several more can be discovered by also taking into consideration other design features of the surrounding decor.

When you have a dining table with a live edge wood top, few other things matter. That’s why the metal base that holds the top is so simple and so little interesting and eye-catching by comparison.

We enjoy the symmetry established by the matching table and bench combo. Both have live-edge tops and sleek metal legs. It’s such a simple combination and yet it looks so fresh and striking.

In this particular case, the detail that matters the most is the geometry of the design, more exactly the angled metal base topped with a rectangular piece of wood.

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