Denny’s in Tokyo, Japan (デニーズ) | Japanese Breakfast VS Western Breakfast

Denny's in Tokyo, Japan (デニーズ) | Japanese Breakfast VS Western Breakfast

Come join us for a breakfast challenge at a Japanese Denny’s (デニーズ) in Tokyo, Japan where we compare a traditional Japanese breakfast versus Western breakfast (American breakfast). Something we didn’t realize before coming to Tokyo was just how popular certain American and Western fast food chains are in Tokyo. After randomly finding a Denny’s (デニーズ) nearby our apartment we decided to check out the breakfast menu they have on offer.

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Overall we ended up trying Western breakfast food items as well as a traditional Japanese breakfast. All in all we ordered the following.

1) Western style French Toast with syrup
2) Traditional Japanese breakfast with a bowl of rice, seaweed, miso soup (味噌汁), grilled fish and Nattō (納豆)
3) Salad, egg and bacon on a bead of pancakes (Rob’s breakfast)
4) American style pancakes with syrup
5) Chocolate Acai Bowl

I should also mention that each Denny’s breakfast came with a complimentary self-serve hot drink where you could grab tea or coffee. Overall, we really liked about half of the stuff we ordered whereas the other half we found lacking in some way. We’d still overall recommend you check out Denny’s (デニーズ) for the experience and blend of options that are Western vs Japanese. In terms of finding a location you’ll have no trouble as it is chain restaurant that can be found all over Tokyo, Japan.

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Denny’s in Tokyo, Japan (デニーズ) | Japanese Breakfast VS Western Breakfast 🍳🥞 Food Travel Transcript:

We are on our way back to Denny’s. What is interesting is this is a 24 hour restaurant and there is a very specific time slots for each menu. So you can see the morning menu is from 6:00 to 11:00 lunch is from 11:00 until 15:00 and then I guess the Grand Menu would be anytime after that.

So allow me to introduce you to the menu. There is a whole lot of egg dishes. Sunny side up. Omelet. Some salads for breakfast. That is interesting. They also have a Japanese option. And we’ve had Japanese breakfast before so it is not what I’m going for today but if you wanted to you can get your rice and your miso and your grilled fish. But for me this is what I went for. Pancakes and Acai bowl.

So this is the self-serve section where you come for your drinks. They have a nice tea selection. You can also get fancy coffees.

Well breakfast is over. Breakfast is over guys. As you can see we put a big dent in it.

The only thing we really didn’t finish was the rice and the natto. And the stale pancakes. Considering yeah.

Considering we had uh ordered an entire extra set I think that is pretty good. The overall verdict was like kind of mixed.

We thought the French toast was pretty good. Also thought the traditional Japanese breakfast was good but the pancakes were a dud for sure. Womp womp.

By the time I tried it I was like yeah they were really thick and stale. But I think in terms of the experience it was interesting to try Denny’s in Japan. And I think it would be cool to come for the lunch and dinner menu as well. For hamburgers with melted cheese. Yeah. They have some interesting things on the menu for sure.

In terms of the price mains were between the high 400s and 700 Yen so you’re talking between 4 something to 7 US dollars so the prices were quite reasonable. And guys that is a wrap from Tokyo, Japan. We will have more food and travel videos coming for you soon.

This is part of our Travel in Japan video series showcasing Japanese food, Japanese culture and Japanese cuisine.

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