There are some things that just go together like coffee with donuts or a guitar with a rock band or a bed and weekends. Just slipped the last one in to see if you were really paying attention and for some of us, the combination of a cozy bed on weekends are a combination made in heaven. Well, in this article, we are not going to be talking about other heavenly combinations but about denims and stripes. And you have to agree that this combination is a pair made in heaven.

There are many ways to make this work and it is this very subject that we are going to look at. But before you jump into what combinations you can wear with denims you may want to ensure that your denims look good and learn to follow these tips. This way your favourite pair of jeans will last for a long time to come and you can try all sorts of combinations with it if that is what you want to do.

You can introduce the stripes element even if you are going for denim on denim outfits for denim addicts like us. However, we will not just talk about denims but the ways in which trendy stripes fashion outfit ideas of course worn in combination with denims can be slimming or make you look curvier if that is what you want to do.

There are many ways in which you can combine denim with stripes and not just in the conventional combination of denim jeans with striped shirt, t shirt or a top. But this remains on top of the list since it is a combination that is casual but classy at the same time. What is more, the use of elongated vertical stripes, especially long and thin ones can make the person look slimmer and taller. In the same way, if you are one of those girls or women who wants to look curvier on top, then stripes can come to the rescue again. But in this case, it will have to be horizontal stripes.

In case you are wondering what we are going on about, then let us tell you stripes have a way of drawing the eye. And the vertical lines or stripes make your eye go up and down adding the illusion of height and thinness. And horizontal stripes draw the eye from side to side creating the illusion of your body being curvier than you are. What is more denims tend to go so well with stripes that it forms a good foundation for the illusion that you are trying to create.

And in the fashion sense, if you are looking to create an interesting effect, then go for stripes that are slanted rather than straight up or across. This can be a great way to make a simple top or shirt with denim skirt or jeans look really good. However, the love affair between stripes and denims does not end here. In fact, if anything, there are many interesting twists and turns to make the combination even more interesting and classically acceptable. For instance, you can create or choose a top that is half denim and half stripes.

Another interesting take on this combination is to wear a striped dress with a denim jacket and this too can be played around with to make you look slimmer or curvier as you need to portray your body. And we remember that we had mentioned denim on denim combination and for such outfits, then go with jeans or denim skirt with a tight top with stripes on it along with a denim jacket or shirt to complete the look.

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