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  • Does Slow and Steady really win the race?
    Does Slow and Steady really win the race?

    INSIDE : My life motto is “Slow and Steady wins the race.”  However, some people may think a completely different way.  See why I prefer slow growth over speedy change!

    The phrase, slow and steady wins the race is an old saying that has been around for years.  What exactly does that saying mean?  It means, when hastily jumping into an activity, job, goal or something else – you can sometimes run into problems due to the speedy nature of starting that task.  However, when sometimes taking a more slow, more consistent approach, even while slower, it can be ideal and give better results.

    An example of slow and steady winning the race in real life:

    Someone wanted to lose weight, so they went to the gym and worked out really hard. However, because they overdid things, the next day they were so sore they could hardly move a muscle.  Once they had recovered, they went back to the gym, but did less crazy exercises and slowly worked their way up from there—slow and steady wins the race.

    How can you accomplish Slow and Steady growth?

    Six years ago, I certainly never thought I would be where I am today with my blogging and entrepreneurial adventure.

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  • Lounge Tassel Pillow
    Lounge Tassel Pillow

    INSIDE : Learn how to take an old king size pillow and transform it into the most perfect Lounge Pillow with the most basic sewing skills! Add on a few colorful tassels and presto – magic. 

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    Pillows.  We all own them, we all use them.  But what do you do after your pillow becomes a flat pancake? (Or so says the husband, it still looks pretty perky to me.)  I’ll tell you what to do with it – repurpose it into a Bed Lounge Tassel Pillow!  See my tutorial below, on how I took my exceedingly low sewing skills and made a comfortable lounge pillow.

    Looking for a few other VERY simple sewing projects?  You might like my DIY Custom Pillows (one of them used my daughter’s handwriting!).

    Can we just pause for a moment and talk about those tassels — are they just the most perfect addition?

    I’ve slowly been making kid-friendly pillows that can be used and abused.  This long pillow fit the bill perfectly.  Plus, we have a king sized bed, so it is a nice long pillow for them to play with.

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  • How to Store Air Dry Clay
    How to Store Air Dry Clay

    INSIDE : Learn 5 easy ways to store Air Dry Clay and keep it lasting as long as possible with these great storage options and ideas!

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    Air Dry Clay is such a fun and versatile product to use.  I have done numerous craft projects using clay.  But the worst thing is when you are ready to work on a project, you get all your supplies out and then you go to realize your air dry clay has dried out and you can’t make your item anymore.  Ah, the frustration!

    Today, I am talking about a few of the best Air Dry Clay Storage ideas so you can keep that clay soft, pliable and around as long as possible.  Check out this post, if you are looking for ways to keep your clay from cracking.

    How do you keep Air Dry Clay from drying out?

    The very best way to keep your clay from drying out is to store it in tightly sealed containers.  I have used heavy duty ziplock bags and had much success with that simple method.

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  • Create a Desert Landscape Plan on a Budget
    Create a Desert Landscape Plan on a Budget

    INSIDE : Learn how to create a desert landscape plan on a budget.  Using three simple steps you can bring beauty to your front yard while using native low water plants. 

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    If you are like me and live in a dry arid climate having lush landscape, turf grass everywhere you look and all the plants your heart could want, sometimes just isn’t quite an option.  If you love plants like I do, you might like some of my other Plant Crafts.

    I have lived in two homes here in New Mexico and our first home had quite a bit of landscape work done in the front and back yard – so it wasn’t very challenging for me to add my plant-y touch and feel pretty good about our space.

    However, our second home is nestled in a VERY natural desert neighborhood.  We have ordinances on what plants we can use, no sidewalks, no street lights are allowed, etc… It is supposed to look like our homes were just dropped into the native high desert landscape without hardly any disruption.

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