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  • Colorful Spring Birdhouses
    Colorful Spring Birdhouses

    INSIDE : Learn how to make creative and colorful Spring Birdhouses.  They are the perfect idea for Spring Decor on your tabletop, entryway or sitting out at your next party.

    I think someone told all the birds in our neighborhood that it is starting to warm up and they had better get to my backyard on the double.  There seem to be endless birds flying around in our trees right now – which tells me, Spring is soon to be on it’s way!

    Today, I am sharing my adorable and full of cheer, Colorful Spring Birdhouses that I created for Oriental Trading’s FUN365 site.  You just can not look at this festive birdhouses and not smile.

    What supplies do I need to make this fun Spring Birdhouse Decor?
    Be sure to head over to Oriental Trading’s Fun365 site to see my full step by step post and the complete supply list for these cutie birdhouses.  Every single item in this project, even the photo props is from Oriental Trading Company!

    And when you take a peek inside my little wooden planter box, look what is sitting there ready to surprise you!

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  • HGTV Magazine Dining Room Feature
    HGTV Magazine Dining Room Feature

    I have been keeping a secret and I am SO EXCITED to finally share it with you!  Do you remember when I shared the process of my Dining Room refresh?  I shared my Modern Southwest Dining Room reveal, How to Mix and Match your Artwork and then How to create a Wallpaper look without using Wallpaper.  Well, guess who else noticed those posts… HGTV MAGAZINE.

    I know!  Pinch me.  And then pinch me again.  And then maybe once more for good measure.

    Back in early October, an editor from HGTV magazine emailed me about an upcoming article they were going to be writing, titled “My Favorite Room”.  I did a triple take before even opening the email.

    They said they really loved my living room and dining room and were interested in featuring one of them for the magazine.  Then they asked which room was my favorite.  Do you know what you say when HGTV magazine asks which room is your favorite to be featured in their magazine?  You tell them – ANY ROOM YOU WANT, WILL BE MY FAVORITE ROOM.

    But in all honesty, I really do love my dining room.

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  • Best Indoor Plant Pots
    Best Indoor Plant Pots

    INSIDE : Find the Best Indoor Plant Pots and other plant related questions like ‘Do Indoor Plant Pots need a hole at the bottom?’ ‘Are self watering pots good for indoors?’ and ‘What do you put under pots?’  Let’s get into some plant talk!

    This post includes affiliate links. See my full disclosure.

    There is nothing like it being the dead of winter and polar vortexes ripping through the country to make me start thinking about Spring planting -ha!  If you have been around Delineate Your Dwelling long, then I am sure you know about my love for all things plant related.  I even have an entire page dedicated to all my Plant Crafts + DIYs.  

    Let’s start by talking about a few common plant related questions that I get whenever I share Instagram Stories about my plants.

    Do Indoor Plant Pots need a hole at the bottom?

    Due to plant roots needing to typically stay moist but not wet, it is very important for your plants to have good drainage.  If you have your indoor or outdoor plants in a pot without any drainage holes, the water that the plant receives will just sit at the bottom of the pot and eventually your plant will suffer from root rot.

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  • Galentine’s Day Printable Coloring Pages
    Galentine’s Day Printable Coloring Pages

    INSIDE : Enjoy a relaxing evening with your favorite girlfriends on Galentine’s Day or a sweet Valentine’s Day activity with these fun Floral Coloring Pages!  Great for kids or adult coloring.

    Whether you have plans with all your favorite ladies to spend a great Galentine’s Day together or a quiet evening home with your hunny for Valentine’s Day, spending some relaxing time coloring is always a great time.


    Today’s featured Galentine’s Day Printable Coloring Pages include two fun floral prints.

    The first one is a floral heart shaped wreath designed on a 8.5 x 11 sized page.  

    The second is a small bouquet of cheerful ranunculus on a coloring page.

    Now you might be asking WHY SHOULD ADULTS COLOR?

    I’m so glad you asked that!  There are so many health benefits of adults spending a little bit of time coloring.  Time spent slowly coloring definitely can have therapeutic potential to help reduce anxiety, create focus or bring about more mindfulness.

    Whenever I sit down and even color with my children, I can feel a calmness and stress relief occurring.

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