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  • Flower Ampersand Sign
    Flower Ampersand Sign

    INSIDE : Bring out your inner craft and learn how to make a lovely Mother’s Day Flower Ampersand Sign Decor to hang as wall decor or even to give as a gift.  And by using fake flowers, this is a project that will be able to last forever!

    There is nothing I love more than plant crafts.  I love it so much, I have an entire page dedicated to it.  

    And when those plants can become cheerful springy flowers, it is all the better!  Today, I am sharing my Large Flower Ampersand Sign that I created for Oriental Trading’s FUN365 site.  

    I am so excited about all the gorgeous faux flowers that Oriental Trading now has available.  When I saw this stunning peach magnolia bloom, I knew it was a match made in heaven.  I love that is gives my project almost a Vintage Ampersand Sign feel to it.

    What supplies do I need to make a Floral Ampersand Sign Decor?
    Head to Oriental Trading’s Fun365 site to see my full step by step tutorial post and the complete supply list for this Ampersand Sign Decor.

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  • Monochrome Flower Bouquet Displays
    Monochrome Flower Bouquet Displays

    INSIDE : Learn how to arrange and make a stunning Monochrome Flower Bouquet for your table this spring!  Use your favorite colors to create this fun crafty color blocked look.

    Today I am sharing a fun Monochromatic Floral Bouquet spray paint project with my newest favorite spray paint, Plutonium.  As much as I adore florals and cheerful colors, I think there is something so elegant and lovely about a good monochromatic project.  Do you remember my Blue Marble Candles?  I loved the simple monochrome look of the candles and tried to recreate that same style for this project.

    What supplies do you need to make Monochrome Floral Bouquets?

    Plutonium Spray Paints
    Plastic Pots
    Floral bricks
    Faux Flower Stems

    Start this project off by cutting down your floral bricks to fit inside your new flower pots.  I used an x-acto knife and didn’t worry too much about making it fit perfectly.  I used a few dabs of hot glue to keep them in place.

    Once your flower blocks are secured, it’s time to start adding in all the cheerful spring flowers!  I made sure to have enough flowers for all four of my plastic pots.

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  • Top Accent Wall Ideas + Treatments
    Top Accent Wall Ideas + Treatments

    INSIDE : What makes a great accent wall in your home?  There are so many fun ways to create accent walls in your home : adding wallpaper or decals, using bold paint colors and even installing wood accent walls.

    I was recently revisiting the process I took when updating my home office and the fun brushstroke painted pattern I added to the room.  I get more comments and questions about that accent wall (it is technically two walls) and it was such an easy day DIY project.  

    I was so in love with having a wow-factor accent wall, that I then used a different technique but added a more neutral accent wall in our dining room using black decals.  That space looks like I wallpapered the main wall, but it was a DIY – How to create the look of wallpaper, without using wallpaper.

    This got me to thinking about all the creative and fun ways you can add a special moment to your home and I decided to roundup a few of my very favorite Top Accent Wall Ideas and Treatments from around the internet for you!

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  • Painted Wooden Box
    Painted Wooden Box

    INSIDE : Learn how to make DIY Painted Wooden Boxes with floral flower patterns on them.  There are endless ideas when it comes to painting on wooden boxes but sometimes keeping it simple helps!

    This post may contain affiliate links.  See full disclosure here.

    What are Painted Wooden Box supplies?

    Small Wooden Pencil Box
    White Paint Markers

    How to create floral Painted Wooden Boxes:

    This project really could not be much easier.  There are endless ways you could paint a wooden box, but for this project I decided to stick with a flower + plant theme.

    I started by doing just a little bit of doodling on a scrap piece of paper.  I drew about 4 or 5 different flower and leave type combinations.  I ended up modifying some of those designs, but I found it helpful to have a few ideas to start drawing from.

    Make sure you give your paint pens a good few shakes to mix up the paint.  Also, tap a few times on the paint marker tip on a spare piece of paper to allow for any big globs of plating to get out before starting on your wooden box.

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