Delicious Swiss Food + First Time Eating Raclette | La Cumbrecita, Cordoba, Argentina

Come join us in La Cumbrecita for delicious Swiss Food as we trying eating Raclette for the first time in Cordoba, Argentina. There are a number of Swiss restaurants in La Cumbrecita where you sample Swiss cuisine; however, we decided on Bar Suizo.

Prior to lunch we visited Peñon del Águila where we enjoyed a little train ride, hiking and a beautiful waterfall. This is also where you can go zip-lining in La Cumbrecita if you’re into adventure travel.

After enjoying the beautiful trails, lush forest and mountain backdrop we worked up quite an appetite. At the Swiss bar we decided to order raclette for the first time in our lives. Basically it comes with these trays that you cook over heat in order to melt the cheese. It ended up being one of the most delicious meals we had in Lumbrecita and we couldn’t recommend this place more.

Bar Suizo (Swiss Café & Bar)
Restaurant Address: Calle Publica S/n, X5194 La Cumbrecita, Córdoba, Argentina
Monday to Sunday 12–8p.m.

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Delicious Swiss Food + First Time Eating Raclette | La Cumbrecita, Cordoba, Argentina:

Hey guys! We are Samuel and Audrey, a travel vlogging couple from Canada. In this travel channel we share our travel and food vlogs while touring the world.

We had the privilege of traveling around Argentina for nearly 3 months from January- April 2019 on a trip covering a large section of the country.

We kicked things off with several days in Buenos Aires where we were joined by Audrey’s parents eating and sightseeing around some of our favourite neighbourhoods in the city. We then flew from Buenos Aires to Cordoba where we spent a couple of weeks in the Sierras of Cordoba visiting both La Cumbrecita and Villa General Belgrano with highlights including hiking and delicious German and Swiss cuisine.

From Cordoba, we then travelled a considerable distance on an overnight bus to Mar Del Plata just in time for a special food festival called Feria Masticar featuring the best of Argentine food and wine. We spent several days enjoying beaches and seafood before heading south to Patagonia to visit the province of Chubut.

While on the Atlantic side of Chubut we visited Puerto Madryn, Peninsula Valdes, Trelew, Gaiman and Dolavon. To summarize our time in this area, we had incredibly close encounters with wildlife including penguins, sea lions and guanacos while also experiencing Welsh culture in Argentina.

Our time in Patagonia continued as we headed from east to west trading more barren landscapes for thick forests, impressive mountains and magnificent lakes. We spent significant time in both Esquel and El Bolson with day trips to visit Trevelin, Parque Nacional Los Alerces, Cholila and Lago Puelo. Highlights included sailing, hiking, riding vintage trains and partaking in the national asado festival.

We finished visiting Patagonia with time spent in Villa La Angostura, San Martin De Los Andes and Bariloche where we enjoyed more stunning scenery and hiking. On our way back to Buenos Aires, we took the Tren Patagonia to Las Grutas before meeting up with Audrey’s dad again.

To finish off our trip in Argentina, we spent more time in the capital and later Mendoza where we got to experience wine tourism to its fullest extent. Overall, we had an amazing time travelling around Argentina having only scratched the surface of this vast and diverse country.

Overall our Argentina travel series explores cities, small towns that are off-the-beaten-path, and scenic attractions with a strong emphasis on Argentina cuisine and local culture.

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