Decorating with Wooden Crates: 42 DIY Ideas for clever and easy inspiration

The wooden crate is a gold item for those who enjoy DIY projects and rustic decoration made with reused materials. Therefore, the decoration with wooden crates is very popular and can be a great bet both for those who make handicrafts to sell and for those who enjoy getting their hands dirty to make their own home even more with their face using decorative objects. Handmade.

Here, we will teach you how to make a rustic overhead kitchen cabinet with a wooden crate that looks amazing and can be an alternative to save on buying furniture for this environment. In addition, we will also show other ways to use the wooden crate in the decoration. Write down our tips and invest in decorating with wooden crates.

DIY garden decoration with wooden crates

As you might imagine, it is important to know how to choose the materials that will be used in your decoration with wooden crates. As the wooden crate is normally used to transport fruits and vegetables to the fair, many end up breaking or becoming worn out.

So, if you want to get the best wooden crate for your project, pay attention to its condition and avoid those that have very deep marks or very worn and fragile laths. If your wooden crate has stains, mold, or splinters, that’s fine, all of that can be “fixed”.

Making your own decor out of wooden crates can be less of an effort than you might think. Even if you have no experience with “do it yourself”, following our images below we can guarantee that you will be able to transform wooden crates into a beautiful decoration for every room of your house.

20 Beautiful rustic DIY spring decoration ideas from old crates










































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