Decorating With Plants – Cool Ideas For Awesome Spaces

When decorating with plants there’s more to it than just wanting to bring greenery inside. It’s important to pick the right type of plant for the right space and to display it in a way that makes sense and look interesting. Floor vases can be an interesting idea but there are many other ones which you should explore. We’ve compiled a list with some of out favorite ways to use plants in interior decor and we hope it will inspire you.

Small plants are cute but might not have a visible impact on the decor of a large space. In that case, consider bringing some big plants in. You can even choose certain plants that regularly grow outdoors if they’re able to adapt to the indoor environment.

Here’s a neat trick: elevated a potted plant by placing another pot underneath it, upside down. It’s practical and you can use this trick to create a less linear display.

Plants usually need lots of natural sunlight so be sure to give them plenty. Avoid placing potted plants in dark corners or in areas with insufficient sunlight.

Use a tall plant to direct attention to the ceiling and to perhaps to also emphasize a certain architectural feature. It’s also an effective way of making other elements nearby blend in more easily.

Keep a small potted plant on the coffee table in your living room. It will look fresh and sophisticated. Avoid plants that grow big or that cascade over the planter. You want it to look neat and pretty.

Fill an empty corner behind the living room sectional sofa using a big potted plant. Ideally, the plant would grow tall and not very wide so it doesn’t spread over the sofa.

Oversized planters and by extension big plants or in some cases trees can also be used to decorate indoor spaces. For example, you can turn one into the focal point of a large space or use it as a divider between two areas.

You can create your own indoor jungle by surrounding your living room with plants. Certain varieties are great at purifying the air which brings a nice advantage to this rather unusual decor technique.

Use plants as space dividers. This works if you place several tall plants side by side, creating a green living divider between two spaces. You can also incorporate certain furniture pieces into your setup.

The planter can be just as important as the plant it holds so pick yours carefully. You want them to look interesting and stylish without overpowering the plants.

Another cool idea is to place large plants alongside a wall to create a green backdrop. You can do this if you have a plain, furniture-free wall in your living room or perhaps in your office or even bedroom.

Alternate the heights of your plants to create an interesting display. You can use several plants of different dimensions placed inside matching containers.

Group up multiple potted plants and create a green corner. It can be a lovely idea to turn this space into a cozy reading nook by adding a comfy chair and a small side table.

Certain plants need plenty of space so make sure you take this into consideration when planning your interior decor. A big plant like this one would do nice in an empty corner.

Succulents and cacti are pretty great because they’re easy to care for. You can even leave them unattended for long periods of time without worrying because they’re surprisingly resilient. Also, they come in many different varieties.

It’s also possible to grow fruit trees indoors. You may even get to harvest some fruits after a while. Of course, that would be a cool bonus but don’t really count on it.

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