It feels like Remy and I are always together.  He literally follows me from room to room all day, which is so sweet because most of the time I’m just doing something like putting something away and coming right back. He makes all the trips with me happily even if he’s just turning right back around again. Even when I’m doing the dishes or cooking dinner, he’ll contentedly set up shop playing on the floor by my feet. He’s constantly asking ‘What you doing Mommy?’ and wanting to help. What a little dreamboat! It’s full on day in and day out, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This weekend we got to capture a little bit of our chaos; he was in heaven the whole time being the centre of attention. My friend, photographer Denise Braki generously took these for us, I thought I would share a selection with you too.

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Photography: Denise Braki

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