We don’t know whether you have fessed up about this but this is what we think. It is that most girls and women would probably shock the boys and men in their lives when they confess what they really look more at what other women are wearing than the actual proceedings when they are at the Derby. The Derby for those who do not know, is a racing event where men and women watch on the sidelines as the horses race. For men, the event is very exciting because of the outcomes they are betting on as well as the actual race. For women, however, this event has many attractions. It is a matter of prestige to be invited, then there is the excitement of the race, all those attractive men and the fact that all the women are dressed to be seen. Which means that they not only get to flaunt their outfit but also get to ogle those of others. It can bring to mind questions like what to wear and the pressure to learn all about the dress code for every occasion.

In case you have not watched or do not know what women are attired like in such instances, we can tell you it looks like a lot of fun, to view at least. One of the notable features that you will notice even at a first glance is the fashionable hats for the current season. Women at the races seem to be in a competition with each other vying to come up with the most original and unique hats. You will see that girls in different kinds of frocks and gowns seem to be like flowers strewn in the masculine atmosphere of men, horses and whole setup.

One would imagine that the Derby is a place where you can remain demurely seated with a few flutters of excitement during the race occurring once in a while. Which is why you can wear a floor length gown. But in actuality, there is a certain amount of walking and movement that is required of you when you attend the Derby. Which is why we feel you should dress in a simple and medium length frock or a skirt and blouse. Though simple, the colors and combinations can be bright to make an impression in this setup. We have not seen many women wearing trousers to the Derby maybe because the whole setup seems to make a woman flaunt her femininity even more.

Though most women wear dresses that are fairly simple, there are many that seem to flaunt two features – bows and hats. The bows seem to make the dress come alive and create a differentiator to the simplicity of the frocks that the women wear. The hats are an entirely different thing altogether. The hat can be a work of art on its own. Made of outrageous fabrics that seem to have been placed there for no other purpose than to adorn, they are unabashedly over the top. The brims are often huge, veils are not unheard of neither are adornments like fruits and flowers.

In some instances, one would not even be blamed to find the hat absolutely un-hat like such are the designs. The generous use of dots, lace, gauzy fabrics and even ribbons are welcomed in the making of these hats. Women dressing for the Derby can do well to match their shoes, bag and the hat, which can be in contrast to the colors of the dress. After all, the idea is to stand out in the crowd and be seen, isn’t it?

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