Cypress Residence is a modern single-family house located in Phoenix, Arizona, designed by Joel Contreras Design.


This 1939 home, nestled in the middle of the Willo historic neighborhood, was designed by Joel Contreras and furnished by Amy Williams Design. Contreras was fortunate to have an architect client with a mutual design goal to preserve the character of the charming neighborhood. A secondary goal was to give the home an interesting edge behind the property walls. There was little history to retain other than wood floors, brick walls, and the brick fireplace, but it was important to Contreras to showcase the root construction materials that were salvageable. One of the designer’s favorite elements was vaulting all ceilings, and uncovering the brick that rises to the gable peaks, making it feel cathedral-like. The existing bottom chords of the rafters were re-used as collar ties. To contrast with the historic, all additions were formed in black standing seam metal with heavy aggregate concrete floors. The respectful additions matched the existing rear gable forms with a low connector between old and new between the master suite. The home is decorated with black Brizo Odin fixtures, Cumaru shower floors, soapstone countertops, and white oak cabinetry with a black pivot door leading out to the steel pergola and pool.

Photography courtesy of Joel Contreras Design

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