If you are in search of some cute and cool headgear or hair accessories for your baby boy or girl then you are absolutely at the right place. We have collected some really cute head and hair accessories. Take a look and choose your favorite:

1. A Cheeseburger Crochet Beanie for Your Boy or Girl

Image via: Tory Makes @ Etsy

2. A Trolls Headband Idea with a DIY Version Too

Image via: diy inspired , the keeper of the cheerios

3. A Puppy Crochet Beanie Design Perfect for Newborn Photo Shoots

Image via: Jerribecca Hats via Etsy

4. Over-sized Bow Clips in a Lot of Color Options Perfect for Spring Fashion

Image via: Bows for Little etsy

5. Sequined Bow Headbands That You Can Team Up with Party Dresses

Image via: Bows for Little via Etsy

6. A Darling Crochet Hat Inspired from Queen Elsa of Frozen

Image via: repeat crafter me

7. Angelic Beaded Halos in Turquoise and Gold

Image via: Mini Bambini Store via Etsy

8. A Glittery Crown with Petals for a Birthday Girl

Image via: Posh Peanut Kids via Etsy

9. A Beanie for a Baby Boy with an Airplane

Image via: Infanteenie Beenie via Etsy

10. A Flower Crown for Your Little Princess

Image via: Nayna Jewelry via Etsy

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