Cute & Easy Spring Hairstyles ♥ Braided Hair Tutorial for Long to Medium Hair

Hey guys, I want to let you know that I’ll be sharing a new beauty video every Friday now. ^_^ Anyway, I’m loving all the flowers in bloom when spring comes around so I was inspired to do a tutorial on 3 quick and easy hairstyles that go with this beautiful season. This hair tutorial features 3 braided hairstyles that use the Pull-Through Braid technique. I love it because it’s so versatile and you can it everyday to school or work. The first one, which resembles a flower braided crown is perfect for taking pictures in a field of flowers.
I hope you enjoy these looks. Please let me know which one was your favorite in the comments below and like this video for more Springtime hairdos. 🙂 Thanks for watching.


♥ Here are the 3 hairstyles I’ll show you how to do in this hair tutorial:
1) Pull-through Braid Flower Crown
2) Pull-through Braid Ponytail
3) Pull-Through Braid Side Swept Ponytail

These braided hairstyles will even look good for weddings and prom. ^_^

◆ If you decided to recreate any of these hairstyles on my channel, share/tag your recreations with me on instagram so I can like your picture! My username is NEEBEBE. ^_^

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