Локоны утюжком. Как утюжком сделать локоны?Many girls prefer to create such beautiful hair as the curls. In addition, today there is a simple method of styling curls using a flat iron. You will be surprised, but this procedure create curls are very popular among stylists. It allows you to quickly form a great variety of volume and shape them.

And today we’ll talk about how to create curls with a straightening iron at home.

The classic method

To create beautiful large curls, we need a hair straightener, thin brush to simulate the hair, flat iron styling mist (spray or foam), and hairspray. So, before you create curls on your hair, it is important to carefully brushing or combing to the hair, there was no knots. Then you will get smooth and beautiful Curls like the picture.

Following this, it should be remembered that if you want to create a bulk stacking, you must first backcomb hair at the roots and fix the effect with hairspray. If the amount is not needed, then comb the hair and apply thermal protection.

Further, it is important to choose what will be the curl. If it is large, then a detachable strands of hair 5-7 inches small — 1-3cm. After this you need to decide what will be the curls. If it is assumed that curl away from the face, then screw them you should also.

For this, the Tong is placed over the curl from the top down, hold the hair strand at the base and starting to pull back. It is important the tension on the strands, slowly stretch the strand of hair without moving the Pad to the side. You can also lock the pad in one place and pull the strand through it.

Once the curl is ready, the experts in style recommend immediately fix it with the clip, so as long as the curl is still warm, he has bad form. After 5 minutes remove the clips, combed curls, swiping them with your fingers and fix the hairstyle with hairspray.

However, if you don’t want to do that, just comb curl comb, and then form it as you want and secure with hairspray. In fact, repeat the same with other locks unless you form a hairdo. And in order that the curls were easy to create. Локоны утюжком. Как утюжком сделать локоны?Divide the hair into two parts: upper and lower. The top lock clamp and screw on the pad the lower part of the hair. Then repeat the same with the upper strands.
Here’s how you can get beautiful curls in just a few minutes.

On the foil

Curls can also be created on the foil. This method is more complex and allows you to create very small curls.

All you need to do is apply to the hair thermal protection and spin them a few times twisting a strand, then wrap in foil. Following this, take the pad and hold the foil for 15-20 seconds, depending on temperature. Remove the foil, flatten the curls with fingers and apply hairspray.

At the same time, remember that the foil operates on the principle of hairpins and, therefore, it is recommended to remove it after 10 minutes, after it is completely cool. Our curls are ready!

Локоны утюжком. Как утюжком сделать локоны?

On braids

To create small curls, a La beach hair with simple braids. All you need to do is to braid several braids of three strands, then apply to the hair thermal protection. Локоны утюжком. Как утюжком сделать локоны?With the help of Ironing was carried out to braids, starting from the roots to the tips. When the hair has cooled braid can be unplaited and small curls ready. Here’s a simple option for creating small curls. And that the hair is longer retain its shape, apply hairspray with a light texture.

How to make beautiful curls with a straightening iron?

If you want to create voluminous curls, tightly wound there is another way to make packing quick and easy. To begin, apply to the hair thermal protection. Now take small section of hair and loop it a few times. Take a pad and slowly guide it through the strands. The result is a twisted curl, which should be fixed with hairspray.

How to make big curls with a straightening iron?

Actually no special secret to creating large curls on the hair. It all depends on what the width of the curl you want. If you want a big curl, then take a wide strand of hair 5-8 cm If we are talking about small curls, then strands of 1-3 cm is enough.
How to wind the tips of hair?
In order to wind the ends of your hair, you should change the position of the pressing, namely to keep it at the bottom of the curl, up with the tongs. In this case, a lock will work only on the tips of the hair.

Локоны утюжком. Как утюжком сделать локоны?

How to make curls with a straightening iron video

We offer you interesting videos on how to create curls using a flat iron that we found in the Network.

So, let’s summarize. To create volume and small curls very simply by using flat irons. Besides, this hairstyle looks more stylish. In particular, using the hair straightener, you can create hairstyle Hollywood curls, large and small curls, twist curls and more. etc.