The words “style” and “kitchen” haven’t always gone hand in hand. Historically speaking, the kitchen was a place to get things done, where functionality was front of mind and aesthetics were thought of as either frivolous or a fantasy. These days however, the kitchen is truly the heart of the home – and a valuable space to showcase your personal style.

The kitchen is a favourite space for us here at est, and there are few things we love more than peeking into other people’s spaces. So when it comes to considering signature kitchen style, we thought we would call on some talented friends of ours; interior designers Chelsea Hing and Charlotte Batchelor, alongside our very own Editor at Large Sian MacPherson. In partnership with Abey, we asked the three design insiders to shaer their go-to products and aesthetic philosophy, in turn inspiring you to consider and develop a signature kitchen style of your very own. 

est Living Abey Feature  Moodboards Charlotte Batchelor

“At Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors our love for fresh, organic and tactile interiors which mix luxurious materials with beautifully crafted elements reflects our signature kitchen style.

 Layering complementary textures like stucco walls and feature stones alongside linens, timbers and sculptural objects create a well-balanced space resulting in great living experiences that are the essence of modern luxury.”

Charlotte Batchelor

est living Abey Feature  Moodboards Chelsea Hing

“My signature style is bold and charismatic, born of the belief that design is best driven by original ideas and creative thinking.

In our work, the kitchen provides a real opportunity to showcase the personality of the home; not just with our design ideas & the latest appliances but with our decorating muscle as well. The kitchen is one of the most lived-in rooms in a home, so we treat it like a living space by layering colour, beautiful furniture and decorative lighting to create a more playful mood.”

Chelsea Hing

est living Abey Feature  Moodboards Sian MacPherson

A comfortable stool can make all the difference to your home entertaining. I love the Single Curve Thonet stool as it gives you something to lean on without caging you in, while also allowing you to dive into the cheese platter from any angle. A monochromatic palette in the kitchen will ensure style longevity long after the kids have left home.

– Sian MacPherson

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