Hi guys! Happy Friday! We are still on holiday. Week two rolling in so the days blend into each other. I’ve been working on several projects at a time and I recently finished this bag.
This is a sample bag I made using hemp. Working on it was challenging. When I first started it I thought and felt I was going to bring my fingers to blood. Never before have I used hemp to crochet with, so it was difficult at first but after the first round side was made I got used to it and everything went smooth afterwards.
I wanted to add wooden handles but I didn’t buy them prior our holiday so I crocheted them too and I also added tassels to decorate it. I had it envisioned something different but had to work with what I had on hands.
I am on my second bag as I write this. It goes much faster and needless to say I am addicted 🙂
Next I want to use some jersey yarn for this exact bag pattern. I think it would be awesome!




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