Hello all! 
I have a cute weekend project for you today – an oya lariat / headband that you can whip up in minutes. 
1. Crochet thread #10
2. Metal hook 1.7 mm
3. Seed beads (amount depends on length of the lariat)

1.First thread the beads onto the thread. I always say better have too many, then run out of them. I used 20. 
(You can use more beads in the space between 2 flowers – I used just 1)

2. Start with the flower. 

The pattern goes like this: ch 4 and sl st in the very 1st st. Next tr3 in that 1st st and lastly ch 5 and sl st (also in the 1st st). One petal is made. Push a bead and sc over it. Repeat the above pattern for the next petal. When the second petal is done, sl st once in the 1st st of the first petal – do so with the other petals too. There should be 4.
3. Chain 15, push a bead, chain 15 more. Start a new flower. Repeat flower pattern. Work this until you reach desired length. Finish the headband with a flower. 

You can make it with sport yarn too, but the crochet thread makes it extra delicate and feminine. 

Enjoy it!