I believe that even when things go sideways, a positive outcome can happen. And so it did with my newest glasses case. 
Last summer I was working on a  blouse that I envisioned with the panel below, but nothing I did to add this as an inset worked, so I frogged the main part and was left with this orphaned panel. I crocheted it with a very small hook, sweated and cursed a lot while making it, invested a lot of time and energy, so I decided to keep it.

Then, while rummaging through my swatches the other day, it popped out and I thought I might make a small bag with it – but that implied I would have to fetch the same hook and burden myself with the same troubles as the summer before so as to make the other side, so I decided on something else – and that is to make  a case with it. For my glasses. I folded it and sew the sides together. Easy-peasy.

One of the perks of nearing the 50s is that my eye-sight is improved(-ing) (I am short-sighted) and I’ve stopped wearing my glasses around the house. I put them on only when I am watching TV, and most often then not, I lose them, or to be more accurate – I don’t remember where I left them last. So this case is going to be quite practical. At least, I hope.

Another peculiar thing is that I have NEVER used the back of my crochet work as the front, but it happened with this piece. Namely, the picots were more prominent and protruding at the back, rather than the front, so I decided to go with the back as the face of the case. Looking at the pattern though, it itches me to try it with a bigger hook and yarn size, because – PICOTS dear friends! I love them and cannot help myself.