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Jess of Make and Do Crew crochets some incredible patterns that have been creating quite a buzz lately! She was kind enough to share some of her story with us for this week’s “Crochet and me.”


Crocheted flip flop Uggs


How long have you been designing crochet projects?

I’ve been experimenting with yarn for most of my life, but it was only in November 2015 that I started Make and Do Crew and begin documenting my own designs in a more formal way.


Pinning crochet flip flop


How did you come up with the idea for using sandal soles?

I’ve always loved using everyday materials to create unexpected results. One day on Facebook, I came across photos of crocheted shoes that were made on top of leather soles. Seeing that gave me the idea that inexpensive flip flops could probably serve the same purpose. I ran to the dollar store and bought a super cheap pair of flip flops and began experimenting. Making my own shoes was so fun! I saw endless possibilities for moccasins, boots and slippers. When I shared that my first flip flop slipper pattern on the blog, people were super interested in it. I realized I was not the only one that found the process of making DIY shoes really compelling.

For me, being able to use my own two hands to make something that is both cute and extremely functional feels like a super power!


moccasin crochet shoes


For the moccasins, did you have to experiment with the yarn that you used before finding the right one? It seems that if the yarn is too soft it wouldn’t hold that nice shape as well. Does the cotton being mercerized help with that?

Prior to the moccasins, I had used a non-mercerized cotton for a pair of slippers. It worked great, but it became a little distressed looking the more I wore them. I think using mercerized yarn helps the fibers stay more “organized” and maintain a cleaner look. Ultimately, I went with the yarn I did for the moccasins because to me it was the perfect camel color for faux-suede shoes.

Thanks Jess! Be sure to check out more of Make and Do Crew’s amazing projects, click the heart to “favorite” them, and leave a comment!


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