We are sure that each of us have a particular criteria by which we define the attractiveness of a dress but if you ask us, one of the most undervalued features of a dress is the neck. The neckline of a dress can make or break the look but this aspect is often overlooked when buying a new dress unless things go really wrong. We feel the simpler the neck, the more elegant and easier it is for you to wear a dress and look good in it. All you have to do is look at beautiful and elegant boat neck dresses to know the truth of what we have said. But this article is not about the boat neck at all but about the much humbler and often considered mundane cousin – the crew neck.







While it does not quite have the cachet that so soft and sensual scoop neck dresses have, it still packs a pretty punch in terms of comfort and simplicity. The crew neck would definitely have a place in the simply elegant and timeless round neck dresses and tops. Many fashionistas have declared that the crew neck is too bland and simple to have an impact but we will disagree with this. We feel that though simple and basic, the crew neck top or t-shirt should get due credit for being comfortable and so adaptable.







We all need the comfort of having something in our wardrobe we can throw on without giving much thought to it. And the crew neck can definitely be that. Imagine that you have to dress warm but you do not want to just wear a sweater with your skirt or jeans. Then the crew neck shirt or top is the best thing to have on underneath. It not only acts as the right base for sweaters and loose shirts to create a cool and casual elegance, it also can be worn as a standalone. The key however, is to ensure that you pick out a crew neck top or dress or outfit that is of the right material and fit to ensure that you do not end up looking too blah.







Not every outfit looks good with collar on as some of us find collars restricting and too staid. The crew neck does not have the blatant skin exposure or the cleavage exposure of the deep v-neck but it is also not as restricting as the turtleneck or the mock neck. While we are not saying that the turtleneck or the mock neck is not a good look, it can be unflattering on those who do not have a good jawline and happen to have a chubbier chin area. What is more a turtleneck or a mock neck can make your neck look shorter and make your bosom area look bigger. If that is not the kind of effect you want to create, then it is better to wear a crew neck top or outfit.







The thing is that if you are a man who is looking for fashion advice with regard to crew neck t-shirts or sweaters, the rules are pretty simple. Go for something that is in colors that work on you and in the right size. For women, however, while the same advice applies, there is more. You have to ensure that you do not make the mistake of wearing one that is too loose, making you look bulkier or one that is too tight making you seem awkward. That is not all, the thickness and the material also plays a big role. So do consider these factors before going ahead with crew neck outfits.

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