A house or an apartment that doesn’t have a number lacks identity. The house number is an important part of a home’s look and character so why should yours look generic when you can make it stand out from all the other house numbers? The best way to get a unique look is by customizing it yourself. We’re talking about DIY house numbers which you can either make from scratch or personalize with a few custom touches.

A cool look can be given by modern-looking house numbers installed on a vintage or rustic-looking wall. For example, if you have a house with stone walls, you should be able to complete this project without any complications. To get a clean look, use the mounting templates that the numbers came with to drill the holes in the wall. The process is easy if you’re careful. We have a tutorial for this just in case.

Why settle for a regular house number when you can make something more creative than that you your home? This house number planter is a fabulous option. To get the same look you basically need to either make or purchase a planter box and to attach it to a large flat board along with the numbers. Arrange them however you want. Paint the planter and the board the same color for a clean and modern look.

Instead of mounting the house numbers directly on the wall, you could frame them with a piece of wood. This way the contrast could be bigger and more eye-catching and the number would be easier to identify on the facade of the house. The supplies needed for such a simple DIY project include some wood pieces, wood stain, glue, the house numbers and picture frame hooks. You can find the instructions on Thestripedhouse.

Try something more bohemian and rustic if you think it would suit your home better. Check out this lovely design featured on Thehoneycombhome. To replicate the look exactly, you’ll need some reclaimed wood from an old barrel and two pieces of metal from the rings that wrapped around the barrel. Cut the wood pieces, line them up and screws the metal pieces on the top and bottom. The numbers go at the center. You can hang the sign with a metal chain.

If you already have a mailbox mounted on the exterior wall of your home, you can take advantage of that and also put your house number on it. While you’re at it you could also give the mailbox a makeover. Perhaps you could paint it or even make a new one. There’s this tutorial on Dreamgreendiy that shows you how to turn your mailbox from old and ugly to new and glamorous.

There are all sorts of other alternatives to regular house numbers. For example, you could hang some planters outside your house and write the numbers on them. Depending on how long your house number is you can decide how many planters you’ll need. If you need at least two you can hang them vertically. Make a planter holder out of rope. Don’t forget to paint the numbers on the planters before you add the soil and the plants. {found on thinkcrafts}.

Speaking of house numbers and planters, check out this amazing idea: numbers that look like they’re resting on grass in a wall-mounted box planter. The grass is actually fake which makes maintenance really easy. The cool thing about this design is the crisp contrast between the white numbers and green grass backdrop. This is actually a fairly easy DIY challenge and you can find out more about it on Abeautifulmess.

If you’re at all familiar with string art, you might really enjoy this next project. These are house numbers made using nails and string. You’ll need number templates, lots of nails and a hammer to create the frame for each number on your wall. Then the fun part begins: wrapping string around the nails until you get the look you want. {found on anestforallseasons}.

In case you have an old toolbox and nothing to do with it, we have a suggestion: turn it into a planter and paint your house number on it. Take your time to change the look of the box before you repurpose it. You can stain it or paint it. You can also use templates to create interesting designs and patterns. Don’t forget to also paint your house numbers on the box. You can put seasonal flowers in it. {found on whiletheysnooze}.

This banner looks pretty fancy too. It’s something you can craft yourself as a replacement for your old house numbers. You can hang the banner on the wall or display it somewhere else. You’ll just need some fabric and templates for the numbers. You can try watercolors or you can paint the banner however else you want. Find out more about this project on Ilovetocreateblog.

In addition to the actual numbers, you can personalize the look with a monogram. Put together, they can look really chic. The idea comes from Consumercrafts and the suggestion here is to cover the wooden monogram with patterned paper. After that, glue the house numbers onto the letter in a way that doesn’t cover it up. You can paint the numbers so they contrast with the monogram.

A small framed chalkboard would be a really cool option for those of you who get bored easily with their home decor. You could erase the board any time you want to write the house number in a different font or to add some seasonal details to it. On Halloween you could draw some scary faces on the board and on Easter some cute little bunnies or eggs. {found on craftivitydesigns}.

Although the house numbers are most commonly mounted on walls and in some cases on doors, that’s not the only option. For instance, you could have the numbers mounted or painted on a planter which you display outside your entrance. If you already have  a planter that you like, you can just give it a quick makeover and add the numbers but if you want you can also build the planter from scratch. There’s a tutorial for that on Shanty-2-chic.

You could even stack some planters and paint your house number on one of them, preferably the biggest one. Pick any colors you like and try to create strong and eye-pleasing contrast. Don’t make your house number hard to spot or read. After all, you want to receive your mail, right?

There’s a ton of interesting designs to take into consideration and most of them don’t require much effort or lots of supplies. For example, if you happen to have an old wooden shutter, you can turn that into a decoration for your house. Paint or stain the shutter and attach the house numbers to it, making sure they’re nicely framed and easy to read. {found on overthebigmoon}.

Good-looking house numbers have lots of potential, being the element that can give your home more curb appeal. You can make something really cool out of a bunch of paint sticks but if it’s easier for you to find some salvaged wood boards or some driftwood, that would work too. You can make something similar to the design on Familyfocusblog. Pair your new house numbers with a freshly painted front door for even more curb appeal.

Another alternative to wall-mounted house numbers is a wooden post like the one featured on Shanty-2-chic. Consider a post if you have a garden in front of the house or if you think it fits in the decor better than just a plank mounted on a wall where it’s more difficult to see. Building such a beautiful post is easier than you think. Follow the instructions for optimal results.

Something as simple as a planter can totally change the look of your front entry. Similarly, a well-placed or well-chosen design for the house numbers adds a lot of charm to the house and makes guests feel more welcome. If you like the idea of a planter and house number combo, check out Shanty-2-chic for a stylish suggestion. This can be your next home improvement project.

A wonderful idea for DIY projects of all sorts is to repurpose old objects and to give them a new purpose. For example, if you by any chance have a vintage milk can somewhere you could turn it into a stand for a planter or into an interesting decoration for your front door area. Paint your house number on it and that way it will be both beautiful and useful. {found on mod-home}.

Of course, something simpler would also work. Perhaps you’d like to frame your house number and to display it on your front door, like a wreath. Here’s how you can get that look. Get a picture frame and display your house number in it. Then hang it with ribbon on the door or hang it on the wall somewhere. {found on loveandlifeatleadora}.

In case you don’t want to put a hole in your walls or door, there are lots of beautiful alternatives, especially during spring and summer. One option that works best if you have stairs that lead to your front door is to paint your house numbers on a set of flower pots and to put each on each stair tread. It’s an idea that we found on Timewiththea.

Some projects are best suited for houses with an industrial appeal. The one featured on Instructables is particularly interesting. Start with a grid pattern for the numbers you’ll be using. Once you have that, you just have to hammer a lot of long nails into a wooden board following the grid pattern for each number.

Of course, sometimes the simplest idea is also the best. Don’t over complicate things if you already know that the best way to highlight your house numbers is by displaying them on a wooden background. The project is not only beautiful but also really simple. {found on 4men1lady}.

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