Hello! This fox brooch craft project is one that kids can be involved in making. It’s made from polymer clay and painted with acrylic paints. We started with a basic shape, but my kids decided they wanted to design their own too, which is fantastic and I always encourage them to use their creativity. They always surprise me with what they come up with.

-polymer clay
-Acrylic paints
-Liquid Polyclay (I use the Kato Polyclay brand)
-Brooch back

-Rolling tool (I use a drinking glass dedicated to polymer clay work)

Other items: Baking tray, baking paper,paper, aluminium foil
Optional items: Tile or piece of glass, clay tool

Start by printing out your fox template at 100%. My girls also designed their own fox head shapes around the same size as the original design. They took a few tries to get one that was big enough and that they liked.
Roll out polymer clay to around 3/16” (4mm) thick on a piece of tile/ glass or other smooth surface. Cut out your template and place on clay and cut out using the scalpel. Make sure kids have adequate supervision whilst doing this! Little ones may need you to cut it out for them.
Smooth all your edges with the back of a fingernail or a clay tool. Bake according to clay manufacturer’s instructions.

Once cool, score the back of your brooch where the brooch back is to be attached. Place a small piece of clay onto the area, then press brooch back down. 
Roll out and cut a thin piece of clay and press over the top of the brooch back. Bake a second time. Let cool again.
Now paint your brooch all over using orange paint. 

Paint the sides too. Then using black paint, paint in the features, a nose, eyes and black ear tips.
Take the liquid polyclay and coat pieces front and sides. Use your finger or an old paintbrush (It will ruin the brush. I have a dedicated polyclay brush.) 
Place your brooch onto a baking tray lined with baking paper and use aluminium foil to prop them up so they lay flat and your liquid clay won’t run.

Then, pin and enjoy!

Thanks for getting crafty with me! To see more of my work or get in touch visit me at http://julesmadden.blogspot.com.au