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as a single woman living alone, i like to create as safe a space i can — and i mean that quite literally. in addition to my sweet watchdog, lucy i’ve added a brand new security system — Honeywell Home‘s Smart Home Security All-in-One Self-Monitored System. their system comes with Amazon Alexa built-in, and facial recognition that gives me smart mobile alerts. it’s a very do-it-yourself security system made easy (another plus, since i really loathe reading any kind of instruction manual), that you install and control yourself, and that grows with your needs. so essentially you can set it up in minutes and then keep watch on your home from anywhere. and it will even alert you if a window or door is left open where one of your sensors is installed. think of it as the smarter way to know what’s happening at home as you come and go.

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one thing i quite like about it: it’s unobtrusive and blends in naturally with your home decor. i’ve been trying to streamline my home this season, keeping it simple if you will. i’m removing clutter, creating a much more zen balance around the house, and what i like about Honeywell Home‘s security system is you barely know it’s there, but it’s there, helping me feel safer — whether that be while i’m at home alone, or while traveling away from home.

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and what’s super cool? it can recognize familiar faces to notify you if they arrive home when expected. or if it sees someone it doesn’t know, you’ll get an alert on your phone to see a video clip of who’s there. and because it works with Amazon Alexa the built-in voice control you can change modes automatically with your voice, and talk Alexa as you might anyway — to check the weather, ask questions, control other devices, and more. creating your safe space just got a bit easier.

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