In the middle of living room, having relaxing living room furniture is a must. Maybe some of us like to use floor cushion for sitting in the living room, but it doesn’t look formal. We should know that sitting on the floor isn’t comfortable for everyone. In order to have a comfy sitting, you can get comfortable floor couch as a form of your furniture. Your family and guests also will love it. You can also make your living room a comfy and inviting space for hang-out, watch TV, have sleepovers, and just chill with friends. Below are some the most comfortable floor couch ideas you can get for your living room.

Iconic Couch Reproduced

This blue couch has a young vibe and it can be move easily. The sofa was constructed from high-quality upholstery foam and high density. The fabric was wrapped around the foam, along with the batting. The small wooden coffee table, shag rug, and pillows complete this living room.

Dark Grey Couch

A dark grey couch is a central point in this living room. The ceramic wood looking tile on a white oak finish, white walls, and wide glass windows enhance the brightness of this room.

Modern Concept Living Room

This is a modern concept living room with comfortable floor couch, a glass coffee table, light wood floor, wide glass windows, and sliding glass doors. The couch is absolutely comfortable.

Appealing Floor Couch

You can put this colorful floor couch in the living room or playroom. You can also put Moooi random light and Tolomeo micro floor lamp for the lighting.

Round Floor Cushions

You can put some round floor cushions near the floor couch or under the coffee table. It can be used by younger guests at a crowded gathering. The textured rug adds comfort in this sitting area.

floor couch birdcage built in bookcase gray coffee table kids chairs plush pillows textured rug white throw pillows flower vase

Greenauer Design Group

Built-In Floor Couch

By using bright wood as the base for this built-in couch with dark blue cushions, the design pulls in the beautiful wood ceiling of this contemporary living room.

Cozy Looking Living Room

The bright living room gets a warm feeling through the blue couch, coffee table, side table, small grey mat, and a brown footstool. To beautify this small living room, you can hang a round mirror on the wall and indoor plant on the side table.

Interesting Furniture

You will love this furniture placement, a floor couch in the front of the curved windows area. You can put a small round table, a floor lamp, pillows, and a throw to complete the couch.

Neutral Palette Room

Neutral palette room is a great choice if you want to have a bright room. Some furniture should be arranged well, you can combine bright and little darker furniture. This floor couch offers flexibility for different pillow colors.

Contemporary Living Room

This room looks symmetrical because of the windows and the couches. These colorful tufted floor couches also have a good design. You can put a white shag rug in the center of this room and ottomans in front of the fireplace.


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