Doesn’t the image of a simple, white cottage in the summer make you want to run around barefoot and swing in a hammock all day?  Me too.

Whether you have a cottage or not, you can transform your space this Summer into an oasis by creating an easy, breezy, relaxed, no-care style. And…you don’t have to spend a lot, consume anything new, or get overwhelmed by a ton of work to get the look. Just pick up a paintbrush and a can or two of white paint. Yep, it really is that easy and makes a huge impact in creating a casual summer home without a big budget. 

creating a casual summer home with just paint.jpg

Here are some simple and easy ideas to achieve that casual cottage feel without spending much or consuming new products:

  • Give your kitchen cabinets a face-lift by painting them white.
  • Sand down old floors and whitewash them instead of purchasing new.
  • Spray paint dated lighting in white. 
  • Spray paint old photo frames white and hang yours or your kids own artwork.
  • Paint out wooden dining chairs and the table. 
  • If you have nice wood trim in your home, leave it as is for a natural, breezy look with white walls. If it’s dark and not in great shape, or if it’s already painted anything other than white, paint away my friend.
  • Gather summer-ey items like shells, rocks, branches, and yard sale baskets and vintage vases to create simple vignettes.
  • Gather some books and magazines together in baskets. 
  • Use clothing for wall art as well as function: hang summer hats, scarves, and light throws on hooks.
  • Bring in local plants, flowers, branches and even grasses to create an indoor-outdoor feel.

Check out these photos of a home in Denmark that hits the mark for a casual, serene, summer home. All images by Cristina Olsen via The Guardian .

Tips to Create a Casual Summer Home




Another wonderful white, relaxed summer cottage is this one for rent in the U.K. as seen in the Style Files courtesy of Big Cottage Company

simple white beach cottagehow to create a casual cottage with white paintcreating a white summer cottage with just paintwhite beach cottage on a budget

And finally, a beautifully restored cottage in Hawaii that proves that white paint and simple, natural materials are all you need to create casual comfort. Via Remodelista

refreshing a summer cottage with white painta vintage cottage refreshed with white paintsimple, casual summer homecreating a casual summer home

Ready to get out the paint brush and white paint? Click below for the simple guide to choosing the right white for your summer space. 

choosing the right white paint free guide