Create a Simple Confetti Animation in Procreate

Grab this week’s free color palette here (make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Procreate before downloading/installing):

We used the mono marker + chunky marker brushes from my Font Lovers brush set for the entire piece (thank you for your support!):

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Happy Tuesday! While birthdays aren’t what they used to be as you get older (I’ll be 35 on Sunday) and now we also have a pandemic thrown in, I say let’s celebrate the little things by throwing some digital confetti 😉 For all of your celebrations this year, I have a very beginner friendly confetti animation this week to cheer things up!

From this beginner friendly tutorial, you’ll learn how to:
✨ Plan out your animation
✨ Set ever-present background and foreground animation elements
✨ Adjust animation settings
✨ Extend your animation length without changing anything about it
✨ Export your animation for quick posting to social media

Grab the free color palette and brushes used above to get started!

I use the Paperlike screen protector on my 3rd gen iPad Pro (12.9″, 256GB). More info here:

I’m also using the NimbleGrip by Uppercase on my 2nd gen Apple Pencil. Check it out/pick it up here:

This artwork was created on a 3rd gen iPad Pro (12.9″, 256GB) along with a 2nd gen Apple Pencil using the Procreate app

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