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We all love crochet and knitting – but do you love it enough to include it in your wedding? One of our most favourite designers, Anna Nikipirowicz, got married last year, and we LOVE her personalised crafty touches.


When we were planning our wedding, firstly and most importantly, it had to be low key! For us the main focus was family and friends celebrating our special day in surroundings that meant a great deal to us.  It had to be relaxed, all about getting together and having a great time without all the rules of a traditional wedding – not that there’s anything wrong with a traditional wedding, it is just not our style. Secondly, it had to be on a low budget, we refused to spend crazy amounts of money for one day, I know it is a once in a lifetime event, but it’s just not us. Thirdly, it had to be handmade or at least as much as possible. I wanted to make as many of the decorations and accessories as was achievable. Knitting and crochet are such big part of my life I couldn’t even imagine not including it in our wedding.

I toyed with the idea of a knitted wedding dress but to be honest, you want the wedding dress to pull and tuck you in the places that are most important, especially as I’m on the heavy side. Knitted dresses are wonderful but they don’t offer the same support in the waist and everywhere else as a dress with built in supported bodice. Well they could, you can sew a bodice to the inside of a knitted dress but that seemed like too much hassle for me, so I decided to settle for a knitted cardigan instead and a matching tie for Dave.  I knitted it with the yarn held double in moss stitch.


My hair decoration was a flower crocheted with mohair and beads, it is the same flower that is on the cover of my Crocheted Flowers to Wear book, but I didn’t include the leaves as that would have been just a bit too much. Dave and I both had a bee pin: my one was on the flower, Dave’s on his tie.

The yarn I chose was Cascade Heritage Solids, a lovely 4 ply yarn in Moss (5612) colour to go with our nature theme. I knitted a top down, cropped cardigan with lace details at the back, above the bottom rib and on sleeves. The cardigan is my own design and unfortunately, I wasn’t taking notes when knitting it, but one day I will sit down and write the pattern. I originally made the sleeves a bit too tight and had to undo them halfway. I finished them at 2am the night before the wedding and I’m so glad I did, I knitted like a woman possessed!

When it came to decorations, I wanted the handmade aspect everywhere! From doilies on the tables to jars filled with tiny yarn balls. I had my amazing friends Annette, Melinda, Suzanne, Stephie helping with decorations by crocheting doilies for the tables. They all look perfectly magical ?. The patterns were taken from Annette’s vintage pattern books and we used Schachenmayr Catania in Natur (00105) colour. The embroidering of our initials with a bird was done with a specialist sewing machine that I placed in an embroidery hoop.

Dave and I were putting together the table decorations the day before the wedding. We decorated simple jam jars with cotton trimming and twine and filled them with flowers, candles, yarn and needles of course. We also had lots of vases with LED candles and foliage dotted around everywhere.

We used lots of foliage from our garden in the jars and vases, and the hoops at the entrance were made from ivy growing around one of our trees – even the men’s boutonnieres were made from flowers from the Sapphire bush by our wall! I have also made my bouquet which had a mixture of bought and garden flowers, it was all so lovely and green ?

There was even a knitters’ table!

You can find all of Anna’s beautiful crochet and knitting patterns here, and she’s written some fabulous posts for us on the blog too!

Have you included handmade crochet or knitting in your wedding plans?  Tell us all about it in the comments section!




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