I think this Swedish apartment with modern pieces combined with farmhouse elements has such a cozy look and feel. The walls of each of the rooms have been covered with lime paint, which gives them a nice texture that makes the furniture and accessories stand out in a very nice way.

The living room is located in between the kitchen and the bedroom and combines a subtile beige sofa with black contrasting elements in the leather armchair and the vintage painted vitrine by the window. On the other side of the window, a large arched mirror is placed, which reflects the room and the light coming from the window.

From the living room, you can peak into the bedroom, which has a slightly different tone of lime paint on the wall, which combines wonderfully with the beige linen duvet cover* and the warm beige waffle bedspread*. The mirror besides the bed combined with the white side table and the golden candle holders on the wall add such a lovely touch besides the bed and I love the way the wardrobe has been covered with a beige linen curtain* rather then with doors, it fits the look and style of the apartment.

From the other side of the living room, you can walk into the kitchen, which has a super cozy dining table in front of the window. The linen table cloth* adds a lovely texture to this corner and the vintage mirror and wall shelf add character and personality.

via Alvhem

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