Other than a smart layout in the bedroom and kitchen, this Swedish apartment has a beautiful living room as well, with a color combination that I’m so fond of: blue and beige. The small blue velvet sofa really stands out against all the beige in this room. The living room walls have been painted in a very subtle beige tone, which is matched up with a darker beige in the curtains* and the two canvas armchairs. The white in the area rug, pouf, and the vintage dining table lighten up this look and make the contrast with the sofa even stronger. I love the statement vase with the branch on the side table next to the sofa as well and the wooden coffee table fits the overall look perfectly.

It seems like the kitchen and bedroom used to be one space, later separated by a glass partition which turns the space into two rooms, yet still lets in the natural light coming from the bedroom window into the kitchen. I love those smart solutions, which tend to be included in smaller apartments in recent years, though this one seems to be older judging from the paint on the glass partition.

via Stadshem

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