I love the cozy vibe in this apartment decorated in tints of grey and beige for a cozy and inviting effect. The living room has a cleaner color palette with white walls and grey furniture. The fluffy area really adds a cozy touch to this room and the black accents in the furniture together with the green Monstera plants look interesting in this otherwise grey environment. The autumn branch is a really nice touch and I love the hanging wardrobe rail as the perfect solution for a small hallway storage system.

The dining  area in the all grey kitchen looks very inviting and I love the combination of the vintage dining table with the folded pendant light and the classic Borge Møgensen chairs.

The bedroom is decorated in a warmer color palette with the warm grey walls combined with the dark grey bedcover. The rustic peg rail really stands out nicely on the wall as well.

via Alvhem


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