This copper wood planter is a DIY that I am very excited about! I’m all about the mid-century modern look but wanted to put my own twist on it, hence the copper. I used plain copper bowls I picked up at my local T.J. Maxx – nothing fancy! I love the hammered look of these copper bowls, especially against the black wood.

This copper wood planter looks great standing next to another one on the floor or just standing on your desk. I’ve included two different methods on making this copper wood planter in case you don’t have access to power tools at your house. Don’t worry, I got your back!

Keep reading below to find out how to make this copper wood planter!


  • Copper bowl
  • Wood
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Drill
  • Screws – large and medium sized ones
  • Black paint
  • Paint brush
  • Wood glue
  • Clamps


Note: I made these two different ways in case you don’t have access to a drill so I will explain how to make it with a drill/power tools first and then without second.

Start by measuring out all of your pieces of wood. You will want 4 legs the same size, 1 piece to fit across (to hold the bowl), and then two small pieces the same size to dissect that. Just as a reference the larger planter had these measurements: 12 inch legs, 6.25 for the long cross, and 2.5 for the smaller cross pieces. The smaller planter had 9 inch legs and the same measurements for the cross.

Note: These measurements depend on the size of your bowl. My bowl had a diameter of 6 inches so make sure to measure the cross section big enough to fit your bowl.

Saw your wood down to your desired measurements. Sandpaper down any rough edges.

Measure how far down your bowl will rest on your legs and mark each of the legs using a pencil.

Taking your drill, drill a hole through each of the legs where you just marked.

Next, taking your long cross beam, drill a small hole into both ends of it (just to make the screw go in easier).

Taking a screw, drill or hand screw it through one of your legs and into one side of the cross beam. Repeat this on the opposite side of the cross beam. You will end up with a football post type shape.

Taking your smaller cross beam pieces, drill a hole all the way through horizontally the long way. Do this to both of your small beams.

Taking a very very long screw, drill or hand screw it through one of the remaining legs and through one of the smaller beams all the way to the standing long cross beam. Do this with the 4th leg and remaining small beam. You should now have a 4 legged plant stand!

Paint your planter black

To make without any power tools:

Do the same as steps 1-3 above. Note: if you do not own a saw you can get wood cut at Home Depot if you know your measurements. Once all your wood is cut to size, grab your wood glue and clamps and possibly an extra set of hands.

Glue your cross beam to two of the legs where you previously marked. Have your extra set of hands hold this tightly as you then glue the smaller cross beam bits to the their legs and then to the larger cross beam.

Take a clamp and wrap it around your 4 legged planter. Let dry overnight.

Paint your planter black or whatever color you want!

Whew! There you have it, not one, but two ways to make this mid-century inspired copper wood planter! As someone who doesn’t use power tools very often, I didn’t have any trouble with the first method, plus I just trust that screws will hold a hefty plant. But, so long as you have proper clamps, the wood glue method will be sturdy too – up to you and your DIY abilities!

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