Ceramic tiles, bricks, mosaic stones, wood, metal, marble and even simple paint or wallpaper are all trendy options when it comes to kitchen backsplashes. To that we can add a bunch of options, one of which is glass. It’s not as popular as the others but seeing how beautiful it can look we have to say that we’re falling in love with it. As it turns out, a glass backsplash is an excellent feature for modern and contemporary kitchens and the reasons for that are numerous, starting with the look.

One of the things that we love most about glass backsplashes is how smooth and uniform their surface is. There are no interruptions like when tiles are used and makes cleaning easier, although it also means that the backsplash needs to be spotless to actually look great.

A clear glass backsplash allows the wall behind it to be seen while ensuing a smooth surface which can be easily cleaned. One of the advantages is that you can have a colored backsplash by simply painting that section of the wall and covering it with glass. Another option is to have an accent wall in the kitchen and to reveal and frame portions of it in key areas, the backsplash being one of them.

A glass backsplash can actually cover the whole area between the counter and the ceiling if there are no cabinet mounted on it. It’s like a protective sleeve for the wall. Cleaning certain portions would be a bit difficult though but then again cleaning a bare wall is not any easier.

A cool thing about a glass backsplash is that it looks very smooth and glossy, reflecting the light in an elegant way. You can accessorize it with knife racks and all sorts of other things just like you would any other kind of backsplash. In this particular kitchen layout, the small backsplash area is very refreshing, keeping the decor simple.

A lot of times the kitchen backsplash is characterized by strong patterns and textures and serves as an eye-catching focal point for the space. A simple and clear glass backsplash like the one featured here keeps this area simple and clutter-free and offers the opportunity to focus on other elements such as the cabinet fronts or the countertops which can become the new focal points of the room.

In this modern kitchen the glass backsplash contrasts with the dark tone chosen for the furniture and goes really well with the white countertops and the light-colored flooring. In addition, the light strip emphasizes its glossy and uniform finish.

Given all that we’ve seen so far, we can confidently say that glass backsplashes are excellent for contemporary kitchens and the reason for that lies in their simplicity and versatility. These qualities makes them perfect for minimalist kitchens where the lack of unnecessary details is always a plus and where the focus is on layout, material and texture rather than on ornamental design features.

The smooth, uninterrupted surface of the backsplash allows all the focus to be on the color behind it. This deep shade of blue is mesmerizing and goes very well with the neutral palette featured by the cabinetry, the subtle golden hue and the black countertop.

The backsplash is the focal point of this minimalist kitchen. Its color is vibrant and rich and the glass reflects the marvelous light fixture showcased above the island. The crisp white that surrounds the backsplash makes the kitchen look incredibly bright, airy and spacious. This is one of our favorite designs so far.

If you’re wondering whether a glass backsplash will allow you to create patterns and to play with forms and colors like you would with tiles, the answer is yes but on a different level. With a glass tile you have more flexibility when choosing the design and the option to pick patterns with smooth and uninterrupted lines angles.

In a lot of cases the backsplash brightens up a room but here it’s the opposite. This black backsplash has no intention of letting light escape. Interestingly enough, it adds depth to the kitchen and a somewhat gloomy feel. It’s like a canvas that lets you picture anything you want, a black screen that turns darkness into a source of inspiration.

Although this glass backsplash could have easily covered the entire wall, it maintains the usual proportions even though the kitchen has no wall-mounted cabinetry. The glass is smooth and slick and transition between backsplash and wall is almost seamless and very natural.

In addition to everything we mentioned so far, there’s another thing we enjoy about glass backsplashes. It’s the fact that they reflect the light and everything in front of them in a subtle yet still noticeable way. This can be a detail that helps make a small kitchen seem bigger but also an opportunity to emphasize a great view.

The contrast between the cool blue of the backsplash and the warmth of the wood that surrounds it would have been charming no matter what material the backsplash was made of. Nevertheless, the glass makes the color pop in a unique way.

The blue backsplash instantly draws the eye and thus makes the entire kitchen stand out. But it’s not just the color that makes it special. It’s also the texture of the glass which makes the backsplash stand out in relation to the wood surfaces that surround it.

Here’s another kitchen that takes advantages of beautiful contrast between blue and brown. They’re paired here with white which keeps the two nuances separate and emphasizes each one’s rich and gorgeous beauty.

What if you don’t want your kitchen backsplash to stand out in any way? Leaving the wall bare is not a practical option for more reasons that we can count so forget about that. Turn instead to glass and take advantage of its minimalism, transparency and versatility.

The glass backsplash is not only very practical here, providing an easy-to-clean and good-looking backdrop for the shelves but it’s also an important aesthetic feature for the kitchen, being a source of color for the space.

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