Wondering what else you could do to make your home more beautiful and welcoming? There’s one particular little space that often gets overlooked when decorating a space: the windowsill. It’s quite curious since every room usually has at least one window and windows usually have windowsills (a windowsill is a ledge forming the bottom part of a window) so it’s definitely unusual that we don’t make decorating and furnishing this area common practice. In any case, we hope that will change at least for some of you after you feast your eyes on these amazing windowsill decorating ideas.

Consider this idea: it’s best to place a desk in front of a window in order to take full advantage of all the natural light and you probably don’t have anything planned regarding the windowsill so what if you were to have a windowsill desk?

There are a lot of different ways to add a windowsill desk to a space. We suggest a very simple approach: a minimalist desk that’s more or less just a shelf which you attach to the window wall. There’s no need for desk legs and when you’re not using the desk for work you could just treat it as a window shelf.

Perhaps you don’t really need a desk in your home but you’d like to be able to do something useful with your windowsill area. In that case, maybe you’d like to create a lovely little coffee area with a windowsill counter and some corner shelves. Imagine enjoying your morning coffee while enjoying the views and fresh air. Wouldn’t that be nice?

The ideas we mentioned so far are super versatile and can be adapted to suit any space. For example, you could add a small windowsill counter area to your kitchen or you could install a windowsill shelf or desk in your bedroom.

Another cool idea can be to design a window seat. This can be a great option for the living room, the bedroom but also the kitchen or even the home office. Actually, there are no restrictions in this sense so go ahead and add this feature to any room that you want.

Window seats can be super cozy and kids love them so adding one to the playroom or to a child’s bedroom seems like a really awesome idea. Of course, you need to make sure that it’s safe. This residence designed by AND’ROL has a window seat and it looks perfect.

It’s not just houses and apartments that can benefit from having a comfortable window seat. Offices and workspaces could really use something like this too. The Heavybit Industries Office is a really cool example in this case.

Whatever option you choose, whether it’s a window desk or a window seat or something completely different, there are always some elements to take into consideration such as the proportions of the window as well as the layout of the room and the circulation area.

Since a lot of contemporary homes have full-height windows with beautiful views, another windowsill idea to consider involves an L-shaped bench which can sit in the corner of a space. We were inspired here by the design of a beautiful residence completed by Bark Architects.

We also found this really cool Australian house designed by Robinson Architects. It has this beautiful window seat with comfortable blue upholstery and plenty of storage space at the bottom. The panorama window offers a peaceful and calming view which makes this a perfect reading spot.

Of course, the window will provide an abundance of natural light during the day but if you want to also be able to enjoy your sweet window nook after sunset, you should install some sconces or maybe put a floor lamp in one of the corners. It seems that TW Architects chose sconces when they designed this house in Sydney.

There are also a lot of inspiring ideas that can be found on Pinterest, like this one for example. This is a traditional bedrooms which takes full advantage of all its windowsills. It has a window desk on one side of the room and a cozy window nook on the other.

This rustic home office has a lovely seating nook by the window as well. It also seems to have storage boxes under the seat which is a great way to maximize the functionality of a room, especially if it’s a small space. The tree stump side table is a perfect match for the nook. This design is featured on VBSA.

If the layout and the interior design of the room allow it, you might even be able to squeeze a sort of daybed into that window nook. This bedroom can be a good source of inspiration regarding this idea.

Even a small window can allow a cozy seating area to be created. An extra wide windowsill can definitely help and if the house has thick walls that helps too. This contemporary living room that we found on a2studio seems to have it all figured out.

If you prefer something simpler yet still very rewarding, you could give up the idea of upholstery and cushions and just opt for a sleek wooden windowsill which extends more than usual and forms a sort of seat or shelf. Right now we’re actually describing what Studio Razavi architecture designed for a house in France.

There’s an office space in Shaghai, China which features some really cool window seats as well. The office interior was remodeled by Muxin Design and has many other interesting features too.

The windows in the office have wood surrounds and these frames can be used as seating nooks. One can rest against the wall and enjoy the view while taking a break or having the morning coffee or even when discussing tasks with a colleague.

The idea of having a window seat to use occasionally when reading for example is definitely great but you could take the idea even further, like HAO Design did when furnishing and decorating the interior of this home in Taiwan.

The idea in this case is that the windowsill/ window seat can be used to sit on at the dining table. It’s a clever and also cool idea and we definitely feel inspired by it.

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