This is a story about toys and all the clever and practical ways in which they can be stored. First of all, we’ll start by saying that toys are definitely fun and cute and everything but their role is also educational, even for those generic and apparently insignificant toys. Each one helps to shape a child’s mind and creativity so the kind of toys you give a kid really matters. Now let’s focus on the practical side of it all: the storage of all these toys. While it’s nice to give kids toys and see them playing with them, at the end of the day you have to clean up the place and it would be nice to have a designated toy storage area.

There are many toy storage ideas to consider so we’ll check them out one at a time. We’ll start with this wooden toy box what we find very cool. We like the mystery associated with this sort of chests and boxes. They hold all sorts of treasures and they’re not that difficult to build. In fact, you could do it too. Check out the full tutorial to find out more about this project.

As cool as a treasure chest may be, there’s just no way to organize the contents in an easy and neat manner in this case so if you’re interested in toy organized ideas check out this rainbow wooden dresser. Believe it or not, you can craft this thing from scratch. Of course, there’s also the option to use an existing dresser and to just give it a fresh and colorful makeover. Either way, all those drawers would be great for organizing the toys.

If you’re more interested in toy storage ideas that put the toys on display rather than hiding them inside drawers and boxes, then you’ll probably prefer this lovely system which incorporates three separate compartments: a large and deep storage box at the bottom, a medium-sized one above it and a small shelf at the top. You can have several of these modules placed side by side and you can add them as the toy collection grows. Find out more about this project on lostinvogue.

What about those cute little plushies? You can store them as a collection in a toy storage crate just like the one we found on walnuthollowcrafs. To make something like this you need a large rustic crate, a PVC pipe cut into segments (decide the size based on how big the toys are), acrylic paint in bright colors, chalk paint, a saw, sandpaper and adhesive.

Well, this toy storage ideas from hometalk is actually meant for pet toys but it’s cute and practical enough to work for kids too. Basically the idea is to find a basket like this metal one and to hang it on a wall at a comfortable height. You could line the interior of the basket with fabric or you can just leave it like that if you like the look. Also, metal baskets aren’t your only option so be creative.

A clever toy organizing idea if you don’t want to waste floor space with boxes and cabinets is to have some crates stored under the bed, assuming there’s enough space in there. We recommend these boxes from krusesworkshop because they have casters and they’re easy to roll around. As you can see, the paint color has a big impact on the whole project and so do those knobs which, by the way, can be replaced with handles.

Whether there’s enough space under the bed or not is really not important because a toy box can pretty much be kept anywhere, especially if you install casters so it can dragged around with ease. Of course, the easiest option would be to take a ready made crate and to put casters on it but if you want something custom-made you can always make a box out of reclaimed pallet boards, as shown on glassslipperrestorations.

Speaking of crates, there’s actually more than one way to use them. If the goal is to use them for storage or organization, you might want to try the idea shared on upcyclethat which suggests you can paint the crates in funky colors and then organize them vertically to create modular shelving units. Mix and match several colors and consider using different crate sizes as well.

How about something more permanent and symmetrical? There’s this project on ohohblog that we want to share with you. It also involves crates but in this case they’re all the same and color and they’re organized in a grid and container within a wooden frame. You can make this unit as big as you want depending on how many toys you want to store and how many crates you have.

What about all those little toy cars? If your kid likes to collect these, you might as well come up with a nice and practical way to display them, like this matchbox car garage featured on aloandbeholdlife. This would also teach kids to be organized so you’d basically shoot two birds with one stone.

There’s no point in choosing tall storage cabinets or shelves mounted high on walls because kids won’t be able to reach them so a much practical option in this case would be a short unit, like this cute one featured on themerrythought. It’s a unit composed on three stacked bins. They can be used for the storage of toys but also for things like books, clothes and other stuff.

Storing all the toys in one place can definitely be practical but it’s also important to micro-manage the storage system a little bit and by that we mean small storage boxes can be useful too. You can have several of these arranged in a cupboard, on shelves or under the bed or you can only craft one so it can be used to hold all the favorite toys. How about a twine-wrapped storage box? The one featured on allparenting sure looks cute so perhaps it can inspire you.

Wooden crates and boxes are good options when it comes to toy storage but they have a big disadvantage in the fact that they’re rigid, sometimes heavy and thus difficult to move around or to store in case they’re empty. That’s where fabric baskets shine. Want to know how you can make fabric storage baskets just as chic as these ones? Check out makeit-loveit.

Since we’re talking about fabric baskets and other related things, check out how cute these toy bags are. We found them on craftmehappy and we think they’re absolutely adorable. They’re designed to be hanged and they have a cute and cuddly design plus you can customize them with a ton of lovely little details like beads, felt flowers and other things.

Of course, when the toy collection gets huge, a simple bag isn’t helpful anymore. In that case you might want to think about organizing a closet space with shelves, bins and crates where all the toys can be organized and stored. This is actually a practical idea even if there aren’t a lot of toys to begin with. If those that do exist are big or only used occasionally, you’ll want to have some way of storing them.

Some toys are better off staying hidden in a box while others deserve to be displayed on a shelf. You can combine these two strategies to ensure a clean and organized room that also has plenty of character. This room decor featured on Irideeen can be your source of inspiration in that sense.

A similar idea is to organize all the toys inside a shelving unit with open cubbies and shelves. This is actually a set of several modules set side by side and stacked together. They’re used in combination with fabric baskets and some of the cubbies are used as display areas. There are also storage bins at the bottom.

If you’re handy with a crochet hook, you could have fun making a hanging basket for toys. You can hang it in one of the corners of the room and this way you’d also be putting a dead space to good use. You can find detailed instructions regarding how to crochet the basket and this type of yarn to use on rickmania.

Some toys are more challenging than others when it comes to finding the best storage idea. For example, if you just throw a bunch of Barbie dolls in a box that might not go so well for a variety of reasons. Luckily, someone actually thought this problem through and you can find a series of great storage ideas on blogmamasmodernas. They’re all specifically focused on Barbies.

Storage cubbies are very practical not just for toys but for pretty much anything else. If you decide to build a unit yourself, you could choose the exact dimensions that you want for it so it fits into the room perfectly. We really like the simple design of the toy storage cubbies on thehandmadehome. We like the fact that they’re low so the kids can easily reach the shelves and that the compartments have those cute labels.

This contemporary playroom is cool in a lot of ways but the thing we’re most interested in right now is that toy storage unit which can also be used as a bench or as a table. Each of those six cubbies can hold a fabric basket. It’s a great way to save space and to keep the room neat and organized.

A tall toy storage unit can be a good option in certain cases. Although the kids won’t be able to reach the upper shelves, these can still be used for toys which are rarely used or for other types of items which are meant to mostly be displayed as opposed to being used on a regular basis.

In addition to an entire wall of open cubbies for toys and other things, this playroom also has a lovely bench along the window with wooden crated on casters under the seat. These crates are great for storing and organizing some of the larger toys while everything else can be kept on shelves.

There’s one more toy storage idea which we haven’t mentioned so far.  As you can see, the floor of the office hides these storage areas underneath which can be accessed by lofting the wood lid. While it;s definitely great to be able to use the space as an office and as a playroom at the same time as well as to save space this way, there’s also the issue of safety which needs to be considered.

There comes a point in a child’s life when things start to get complicated and the room which used to only have a bunch of toys scattered across the space gets to include a desk and other education-oriented elements. It’s important to keep the fun alive so let those shelves and cubbies hold books and school supplies but also toys.

It can be a lot of fun to mix and match various different storage strategies not just when it comes to toys but in general. It combined open shelves and cubbies with drawers and it looks really fresh and playful which is exactly what this space needs.

A practical combo is to have both open and storage compartments in a space so you can conceal certain items and display others. When it comes to toys, open shelves and cubbies are great for collectibles or for those items which are used on a daily basis. This room, for instance, has a pretty well-balanced design.

There’s a lot going on in this playroom. First of all, we love the cubbies and the fact that they feature alternating colors as well as the fact that they cover two adjacent walls and make the corners useful. Also, isn’t it cool how the gray frame makes the cubbies appear to be floating? Once more, this is a Eisnerdesign idea.

Not all kids’ bedrooms and playroom are colorful but that doesn’t mean they’re not fun or enjoyable. Check out this industrial-looking bedroom from Sarahgreenman for instance. The only source of color comes from the toys stored in metal buckets by the bunk beds.

This attic hallway/playroom has toy storage nooks built right into the walls. They frame a cozy window seating nook and they help keep the space clean and organized. They also look interesting so that’s another plus.

Isn’t this unit stylish? It looks so grown up and quite glamorous even though this is a kid’s room. Those toy shelves really cheer up the design. The glass ones are pretty cool but those slender openings for board games and books are great too.

Not all toy storage ideas have to do with a room in particular. Some, like this one from Arkintilt, are actually linked to a particular area of a room, in this case the windows. In this particular setting the windows form a really nice nook and the bench makes the whole space very cozy. Also, there’s plenty of storage under the seats for toys and other stuff.

To make it easier to find a particular toy, store everything in clear plastic containers. You can also label them to make it easier to organize everything. Color-coded labels can be fun too. This way you can keep everything on shelves or inside cabinets and you don’t have to open up a box to see the contents.

Looking for a way to make the decor fun while keeping it simple and stylish? How about these asymmetric shelves whish form a geometric installation on the wall, being framed by two closets.

Obviously, it’s up to each one of us to find the best toy storage ideas that suit our needs and preferences. In some cases a bunch of boxes might solve the problem, in other cases a large cabinet would do the trick but usually a combo is the best option. It has these chic ladder shelves but there are also two fabric baskets as well. They all hold toys.

It’s basically impossible to contain all the toys in the playroom or the kids’ bedroom so you also need to think of ways to store some toys in the living room. Perhaps you’d like an ottoman with a hollow interior that can be used for storage. Just lift up the top to reveal the treasures inside.

You could also find some room on the entryway for a few toys. You could keep them in baskets or boxes and they can be stored on shelves. Of course, it all depends on how much space you actually have and on the type of furniture present there. In any case, it could be practical to keep some toys here, maybe those that the kids usually like to take with them when they go play outside.

Making a kids’ room look fun and playful is easy if you use color. For instance, you could have some cubbies on the walls and each one could be painted a different color on the inside or you could let the toys be the source of color for this area. The wall itself can have a funky color. Anyway, what we really wanted to show you were these cute box shelves from Allenpattersonresidential.

You’d think that storing all the toys on open shelves would make a room look messy or cluttered but that’s not actually true and we can prove it with this example from Davidrausch. We like how everything is contained within a single wall unit which also incorporates the TV.

In addition to being a great toy organizer, this wall unit featured on Paularcherdesign is also really cool because of its fold-down desks. They’re similar to drop-leaf tables and they don’t take up any space when they’re not in use.

There are many great toy storage ideas to consider and using baskets is one of the best options. We love it because there are lots and lots of ways to customize the baskets, starting with the actual type of basket you choose to use. Aren’t these ones cute? These are the baskets chosen for the remodel project featured on studio-mcgee. Check out what other cool ideas you can find here.

There’s one more idea that we’d like to add to the list at this point: an activity table. It’s a nice addition to a playroom or to a child’s bedroom and it can be useful in many different ways, including for storing toys. The idea comes from thecrazycraftlady and that’s also where you can find detailed instructions on how to make a similar table.

Remember when we said you can store toys under the bed? Well here’s how you can use a bin to make that easier: check IKEA and find one of these wire storage bins, put casters on it (you can use zip ties for that) and roll it under the bed. It’s that easy but you can check out heatherednest in case you need mode details.


Yes, we know we said it’s not practical to put shelves or storage cubbies too high on the wall because kids can’t reach them but what if you added a ladder or some other way of accessing these shelves? That would actually be cool (as long as it’s also safe). If you need some inspiration regarding the placement or the design, check out Alairhomes.

How about adding some color to that toy storage organizer or the cabinet? It has all those drawer fronts and cubby doors in different colors and the open spaces at the top which tone down the funky look but just a little bit.

When you think about it, it’s not exactly practical to have furniture created specifically for the storage of toys. Everything could and should be versatile and even modular. A cubby unit or a cabinet could hold many things, including toys.

The placement of a toy storage unit is just as important as its design or proportions. One interesting idea in this sense is to place a shelving unit at the end of the bed. This is a toy storage idea that’s both practical and good-looking.

A bunch of colorful plastic bins could work too. We like how these ones are organized and placed in a way that makes them easy to use by the kids. They’re perfect for Legos and all sorts of other toys. {found on Yellowstonearchitects}

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