Showering outdoors is a special experience which we can’t really compare with anything else. We’ve seen a lot of homes and resorts that have outdoor showers and we’re pretty intrigued by the idea so we did a little research. Although there may be challenges to overcome, if you want an outdoor shower you should definitely get one. We have a lot of great tips and ideas to help you along the way.

If you want something simple, you can take your cue from Vincent Coste who designed this residence in Saint-Tropez, France. The outdoor shower is partially hidden behind this wooden screen and it perfectly blend it at the side of the house. It really looks like it belongs there.

In the case of the Banyan Treehouse designed by Rockefeller Partners Architects in Nichols Canyon, LA, the outdoor shower is incorporated into a sort of extension of the concrete staircase. As one goes up the stairs, the shower is just to the right, before turning left to see more stairs.

We really like the outdoor shower area created by Keiji Ashizawa Design for this weekend house in Japan. The best thing about it is the privacy. There’s no direct view towards the exterior of the house and yet the area is very open and airy, just like a small interior courtyard.

Stone is an excellent material for outdoor showers, the one used here by Renato D’Ettorre Architects. The actual design of the shower is extremely simple. It’s completely open to the garden but it doesn’t seem to lack privacy.

When they designed this outdoor shower, Jeff Jordan Architects chose wood as the main material. It’s a lovely material that adds warmth to every decor it’s a part of.

The shower designed by Minarc for this modern Icelandic home is an extension of the house, totally separate from the interior spaces. It occupies a corner section of the wooden deck, being surrounded by wooden screens for privacy from the neighbors.

Robert Young Architects dealt with the privacy issue by placing this outdoor shower on the side of the house, facing the lawn and the trees. Of course, it’s surrounded by wooden screens and that helps too.

If possible, try to integrate your outdoor shower into the landscape and to make it look natural. You can use this zen design by Outdoor Establishments as inspiration.

For this residence, Mockler Taylor Architects designed a pretty complex outdoor shower. It has lots of privacy, being surrounded by wood and it even has a storage area for towels and bathrobes.

When designing or planning to build an outdoor shower area, it’s important to get the important things right. For example, the shower needs a solid and comfortable walking area that also drains well.

Another aspect to take into consideration is the need for some form of storage for towels, bathrobes and other things. You could build a series of shelves or some nooks into the walls of the shower.

The materials you choose are also very important. Try to incorporate natural materials like stone or wood but, if the shower is attached to the house, make sure to protect the foundation and siding from excess moisture.

An idea is to put gravel on the floor and also add some path stones or to create a platform on which to stand while showering. Make sure the water drains out so you don’t sit in a puddle.

You can design your outdoor shower with walls, a door and everything. It can share a wall with the house and you can just build a wooden frame around the perimeter.

Consider using a ladder as a storage solution for towels and bathrobes. You can just lean it against the shower wall or place some distance away from the water.

Include a bench so you can sit down and rest while showering. It can also double as a storage surface for your shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and everything else.

If you want to crate a fresh and zen ambiance, surround your outdoor shower with plants and flowers. Choose species that love humidity and all the extra water from the shower.

If you want to be fancy, you can also have a tub placed outdoors. It can sit next to the shower, with a view of the surroundings.

Create something custom and special for your outdoor shower like a pole shaped like a tree that holds your shower head. You can also use bamboo to create privacy screens around the shower.

Feel free to furnish your outdoor shower. You can take an old chair and even a table and have them placed there. Since they’re old and damaged anyway, they should fit right it if you’re going for a rustic look.

In case you’re planning an exotic vacation, maybe you’d like to visit Fella Villas in Canggu, Bali. It’s a wonderful retreat where you can relax and unwind. It has great views, lush gardens and even this charming outdoor shower area.


Outdoor showers are breezy and airy no matter what style, placement or size they have. You can choose to complement it with lots of great features, including a green wall, potted plants that love moisture and a chair or a bench for comfort.

We love the idea of a shower that’s both indoor and outdoor. There are many ways in which that can be achieved. One option is to have the shower integrated into a sort of courtyard or garden extension of the house, with a trellis roof, plants around it and pebbles on the floor. Actually, check out these pool villas to see what we mean.{found on Chandrabalivillas}.

The Upper Villa can be rented in Sicily. In has beautiful views and a very close connection with the outdoors. There’s a gazebo, two terraces and this charming outdoor shower placed in the corner of the garden.

Putting together an outdoor bath is not that difficult. You have to pick a spot, build some privacy screens, cover the floor with gravel, stones or wood and take care of the pipework. You can even have a tub in there. You can check out spelldesigns for inspiration.

There are plenty of reasons to want an outdoor shower. First of all, it’s awesome during summer. It’s also a great feature for a backyard pool or just great to have if you’re a pet owner.

Nooks and corners are great locations for outdoor showers. Of course, you can place yours wherever you want and just build walls around it. It can be positioned under a trellis like this one.

Although technically this shower is indoors, there’s an opening in the roof just above it and that’s pretty much makes it an outdoor shower. It’s something that Khosla Associates designed for a house they built in Kerala, South India.

The best thing about this shower is definitely the view. This is amazing house designed by Fearon Hay Architects near Auckland, New Zealand. It has glass walls on all sides and it offers stunning views of the bay. From out here, they can be enjoyed without obstructions.

This shower designed by Federico Valsassina Arquitectos is just perfect. It’s small and cozy, with a warm wooden floor and it opens onto a small courtyard with tall and solid walls that offer it privacy. Although it’s indoors it feels like it’s outside.

This is a house designed by Architecture BRIO in Maharashtra, India. It’s a special retreat because there’s a stream running through the house. The connection between the building and the landscape is a very strong one and you can see that in every aspect of the design, including this bathroom.

It may be small but this house in Australia designed by Breathe Architecture is very charming and full of character. Its exterior looks all old and worn but the interior is actually very modern, chic and stylish. You can tell by how gorgeous this shower is.

Designed to serve as a yoga studio and home office, this retreat sits on the shore of a small lake/ more accurately described as a pond. It’s in total sync with nature, being designed with simple materials and an overall very open and breezy feel.

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