Year after year Halloween inspired people to decorate their homes in all sorts of spooky ways. The exterior of the house and the front yard are usually the most decorated ones as the goal often is to create a haunted house. If you’ve done this before then you probably have some experience and you already have an idea of what you’d like to do this year but if you plan to have your first haunted house this year you’ll most likely need some help. We’ve already put together a bunch of ideas and scary Halloween decoration DIYs. Care to give them a chance?

We’ll start with something simple: some RIP headstones. They’re a pretty mainstream decoration and one of the reasons for that is the fact that they’re just so easy to make. All you need is some plywood, something to cut it with, stakes, screws and paint. If you want, you can add a skull on each one as well. Of course, one or two tombstones wouldn’t be enough for a haunted house but it’s definitely a good start. {found on simplydesigning}.

To successfully put together a haunted house, you have to diversify your decorations. For example, think of something to display in the front yard but don’t forget about the house. You could display ghosts and mummies at the windows and they’d look cool at night when the lights are on. There’s a tutorial on Consumercrafts that sows you how to make them. It involves foam heads, cheese cloth, brown craft paint and distress ink, fishing line and hooks.

A cool idea for the garden is to add a few artificial carnivorous plants between the existing trees, plants and flowers. The most realistic they can look the better. If you need some inspiration for the design, check out this project on Surpriseaholic. You can do a lot of cool things with it. The supplies used here include beige sculpey, skewer sticks, scrap paper, tape, a paste made of flour and water, plastic human teeth, mod podge and red acrylic paint.

If you have some trees around your house, decorate them as well. No need for anything fancy. Some hanging foam bats would do just fine. Make them out of black foam, as big or as small as you want. Trace them using a template and cut them out with scissors. Put googly eyes on them and hang them with fishing line from the branches of the tree. Make sure they’re nice and secure so the wind doesn’t carry them away. The idea comes from HGTV.

Ghosts are probably the easiest Halloween decorations ever. They don’t have a defined shape and you can just make them out of some white cloth or an old bed sheet. you don’t even have to cut out holes for the eyes..just use a ball or a balloon to make it look at it has a head. A cool idea is to display the ghost outside on the swing, if you have one. Check out Cupcakesandcashmere for more inspiring ideas.

Of course, you can take your ghosts to a new level if you want to. These cloaked figures are definitely spooky and we love all the details in their design. They have skeleton hands and no bodies which is pretty scary as it is but when you add the large hoods and the darkness inside them it all takes shape and the final picture is formed. I have to say…I would definitely love to have these in my haunted house. {found on flick}.

A successful haunted house draws attention but not in a very obvious way and makes people feel like something is wrong, giving them the shivers and no desire to really enter the house. You can suggest all that by displaying some bare, dead tree branches at your front door, with ravens on them, which we know from stories to be a bad sign. Add some black and white pumpkins as well for style. Find out more about the project on Createcraftlove.

There’s no need to spend a lot on the little things that make your haunted house look complete. Learn to use items that you already have. For example, use a strand of Christmas lights to create Halloween-themed ghost lights which you can display on your porch, walls or wherever else you want. This is what you’ll need to make that happen: plain white Christmas lights, a bunch of white ping pong balls, mod podge, a permanent marker and cheesecloth. This cute idea comes from Unoriginalmom.

Black cats have a bad reputation for bringing bad luck but since we don’t believe in superstitions we’ll just say this: they make lovely decorations for Halloween. You can definitely use a black cat ornament to make your haunted house look more awesome so let’s see what you need to craft one. If you like the design showed on HGTV, then you’ll need a piece of plywood, a saw, a drill, two stakes, a nail gun, a hammer, sandpaper, black paint and, of course, a cat template.

If you want to turn your home into a haunted house for Halloween, we suggest picking a theme first. You could make your front yard look like a graveyard by decorating it with a bunch of tombstones, you could make a bunch of pumpkin jack-o-lanterns and decorate the porch with those or you could take some wood boards and block your windows with those, as if you’re keeping monsters from coming out (or from getting in). Of course, you can also combine all of these ideas and several more which you can find on Grimhollowhaunt.

Small spiders are freaky and scary enough so imagine how terrifying it would be to have your house invaded by giant spiders. That wouldn’t go well at all. The upside of that is that it’s a great idea for a Halloween haunted house decor. You’ll need a lot of giant spider web to make it look realistic. {found on apartmenttherapy}.

When we said ghosts are very easy to make we really meant it. If you don’t want them to look particularly creepy or realistic (if that even applies) then just keep the design basic. Use some styrofoam balls and cheese cloth to give the ghosts some shape. Paint their eyes on with a black marker and hang them with string. If you’d like, you can use some styrofoam balls that actually look like faces or whatever else you can think of to make your ghosts stand out. Check out Simplydesigning for inspiration with that.

There’s a project featured on Diyshowoff which shows you how to make a sort of hybrid between a ghost and a skeleton. It’s a pretty neat idea and to make it happen you need around three packages of cheesecloth, some chicken wire, spray adhesive, a faux skull, a hook and some fishing line. Place your ghost on a chair or somewhere to make it look natural.

Luminaries are not that scary, we give you that, but when used in combination with other Halloween ornaments it can really make a haunted house they can really make. ahaunt house stand out. We have a special design in mind for you today. It comes from Thecountrychiccottage and it requires a few special supplies, including gold irridescent posterboard, metallic paint,pumpkin faces, tea lights with batteries and a way to make templates and cut them out (check out Cricut Explore™).

Starting from the ideas we shared with you so far, you can come up with all sorts of hybrid projects. Mix and match the elements to create something original. For example, make a ghost with a giant pumpkin head. That’s actually an idea that we found on Halloweenforum. We really like this pumpkin ghost. It has a hoodie and everything.

These skeletons look pretty happy and welcoming but don’t count on them to let you pass. We like the idea of wooden signs with messages written on them. They give the skeleton personality and in a way they bring them to life. {found on brooklynlimestone}.

If you’re still searching for inspiration you should check out Pinterest. It has a ton of great ideas a lot of which are pretty original. Take this haunted house for instance, It was taken over by giant spiders and there’s a skeleton lady walking her dogs on the sidewalk, as if everything is just perfect.

Speaking of giant spiders, want to know how to make one for your yard or garden? It’s actually not that difficult but you need a bunch of supplies for the project, including PVC pipes and fittings, pins or nails to secure the legs to the body, spray foam insulation, black spray paint, primer, glue, duct tape, a drill and some sandpaper. Crafting the body of the spider may be the most difficult part but it will also be fun so don’t worry about it too much. You should definitely check out Instructables to find out all the details.

The last idea that we want to share with you today involves a bunch of skeletons that climb walls and windows. You can secure them to your house’s facade and windows and make them look like they want to get inside. It’s a pretty fun project but before you get started just make sure that the skeletons don’t come apart easily. They need to be able to withstand wind and rain. {found on instructables}.

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