Cooking Italian Pasta at Home in Florence, Italy

Cooking Italian Pasta at Home in Florence, Italy

Come join as at home from our apartment in Florence, Italy as we’re cooking Italian pasta for dinner for our entire family gathering all of the ingredients from the central market in Florence and doing the preparation for the meal in our airbnb. We headed over to the Central Market in Florence to grab ingredients such as parmigiano reggiano, hand-cut ravioli, pesto sauce, ravioli, vegetables and wine. Upon bringing it all home we cooked it up and made a meal out of it adding a few of our unique twists that are certainly not Italian. Eating in our airbnb is what we actually do more often than not so we thought we’d show that side of our lives on the road. What kind of dishes do you prepare when you travel?

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Cooking Italian Pasta at home in Florence, Italy from market to plate Travel Food Video Transcript:

Hey guys this is a bit of an exciting video for us to make because normally when we do food videos we take you into a restaurant and we show our meal there. But today we’re actually going to be doing a little cooking. Believe it or not.

We’ve been in Italy for a while and actually a typical day for us in our airbnb is actually to make one of our meals at home. Yes. And so we’ve decided to do that.

What we did earlier on in the day is we went to the Central Market here in Florence and we’re going to show you some clips from that. But also so we’ve gone out and grabbed a whole bunch of different ingredients. We got things like pesto and we got fresh ravioli and wine and cheeses and meats.

All these things ingredients that we’re going to use to cook our meal. And now that we’re back home we are just going to be going in the kitchen and showing all of that preparation.

We are in the kitchen and we are starting all of the chopping of the vegetables. Basically what we’re making is ravioli with ricotta and spinach and we’re going to be using the fresh pesto which smells amazing.

We’ve got some mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, red pepper, garlic. We have some meat. We’re going to chop all of this up and cook it in a different sauce. Kind of like as a side dish.

Calabrese. It is also a different pesto made with red pepper.

So yeah we’re going to be combining. Well not combining them. The green pesto for the pasta. The red pesto for the vegetables.

This is the real deal. And you can even see the name. This is like from a real cheese wheel. Parmigiano Reggiano. And I should mention that we’re not putting all of that cheese on it.

It is time for the plating of the meal. Our meal is ready. Followed by the eating.

So we got something called bombinos. Bombinos which means little boy. Little boys. So these are basically they look like buns stuffed with chocolate and custard. Also they’ve obviously been dusted with icing sugar.

Look at mine. Oozing stuffed with chocolate. Let’s give them a shot.

I’m going to try and bite in the middle here.

Okay guys so that is a wrap for our home cooked meal. I mean kind of that was already pre-made. Yeah a lot of was premade. Obviously the pesto sauce. Obviously the ravioli but we added a little bit of our own personal touch. And it is just nice to be eating at home with family and to show you guys kind of what a normal meal at an airbnb looks like because this is honestly what we do often.

And um it is definitely cheaper than eating out so it is one of the ways we save some money when we travel. So we just thought we’d show that side of that aspect of our travels. But we have more food adventures planned. Yes. Tomorrow we’re venturing back to the very same market. Yep. And we’re actually going to eat there. We’re going to the second floor to eat there. So yeah that is the plan. That will probably be the next video coming out. So we’ll see you guys there. Ciao.

This is part of our Travel in Italy video series showcasing Italian food, Italian culture and Italian cuisine.

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