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Patricia Almeida Arquitetura completed the design and implementation of a contemporary home in Brasília, the vibrant capital of Brazil. Despite its central location, the residence is said to have an optimum connection with nature.

“The project’s starting point was the couple’s desire to have a house that integrates the landscape, combined with functionality and aesthetics,” the architects stated. “The residence was designed from the outside in; through large openings and skylights, it values natural lighting and ventilation.”
modern home (2)The exterior of this contemporary residence in Brazil is characterized by a simple palette of concrete, glass, and wood. “The overlap of the two boxes leads to a unique architectural composition. The assembly is interconnected by a metal and wood ladder structure that functions as a central axis and ensures a good flow of moving through the house”.

Open towards the garden and closed to the access road, the lower box accommodates the garage and social areas. The upper box houses the intimate area, with wooden shutters providing a high level of privacy. These panels can open in a variety of ways, acting as light filters and contributing to a flowing natural ventilation. [Photography by Edgard César]modern home (2,9)modern home (3)modern home (4)modern home (5)modern home (6)modern home (7)modern home (8)modern home (10)

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