Both decorative and functional, cozy and statement-making, fireplaces are a coveted item for any home. A fireplace acts as a stunning focal point to any space. While many homeowners gravitate toward a traditional wood-burning fireplace, there’s another option that’s rapidly gaining popularity: sleek and stylish contemporary fireplaces. Scroll on to be inspired.

7 Stylish Fireplaces

Glass Fireplace

Contemporary glass fireplace by Modus Fireplaces |

A fireplace doesn’t have to be built into a wall the way a traditional fireplace does. Featuring an elegant design and advanced safety technology, many contemporary fireplaces can be heated with either wood, gas or ethanol. The look of this glass fireplace offers minimal disruption to the room. Here, the glass finish gives an illusion of a floating fire while opening up the floor plan, making it a perfect centerpiece for any room or space.

Wood Paneled Fireplace

Contemporary fireplace with wood paneling |

This modern fireplace clad in wood paneling works perfectly with natural wood floors and wood stacked along the wall, in such a way as to lend a rustic charm to its surroundings with a cozy chic twist. With its neutral color palette and straight lines, the small hearth in front breaks up varying shades of wood, resulting in an ideal locale for friends and families to gather around.

Narrow Oval Fireplace

Contemporary Fireplaces: Sunken lounge complete with narrow oval fireplace |

The sunken lounge complete with the narrow oval fireplace provides a fantastic break out space for sharing ideas or hosting conversations. Dipping down into the conversation pit, the long, narrow shape makes it a stunning visual and focal point to high ceilings, while pops of color and whimsical design of the fireplace freshens up the otherwise austere chimney.

Tunnel Fireplace

Contemporary Fireplaces: White contemporary minimalist living room with striking tunnel fireplace |

When it comes to see-through designs, it’s worth noting that the sleek modern tunnel fireplace can be viewed from two opposite sides while encased in walls or columns with a visually pleasing flame effect. Design-wise, the high-quality double glass heat barrier keeps heat and air from escaping without obstructing the view of the flame.

Modernist Hearth

Contemporary fireplace design |

The unassuming fireplace in this art deco inspired living room is simple and Modernist in its style. Its white sleek look is a perfectly neutral backdrop for a beautiful blue and matte gold motif to the room.

Futuristic Fireplace

Contemporary Fireplaces: Living room with futuristic Fireplace |

Let’s look ahead to what the future could bring. With technology advancing, we’re getting hold of new materials. This futuristic aesthetic is an ultra-modern shape that mimics the organic waves of flames. It’s both functional and statement-making. In this living room where black and white stand in stark contrast with each other, the curved stone of the facade softens the hard edges and gently radiates heat throughout, offering a welcoming view in this harsh room.

Back in Black

Contemporary fireplace design |

Tucked behind a walnut-colored panel this black fireplace is a barely-there box, creating a simple look completely integrated into the cabinet. Without a traditional mantel, you have fewer space options for decor but in this version you’re still getting an artsy minimalist vibe with space to show off a bit of your style.

Which one of these beautiful fireplaces is your favorite?


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