Patio can be decorated into many kinds of rooms. Thus, it is always fun to decorate patio. One of the rooms that can look and feel amazing in the patio is a dining set. Putting in the patio, dining set can bring so many fun and cheerful ambiance to those who dine there. The warmth and fresh look in the patio will help make the dining itself feels amazing. And here below are ten bright patios that will bring enjoyment in your dining.

Gather the Chairs
In this one, the combination of the chairs makes an interesting sight in the patio. This interesting combination makes the patio looks fresh and warm, combined also with plants. The herringbone floor is a really warmth background to all this.

Cheerful Patio
In this one, the patio does not only offers a place to dine but also a place to relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding with fresh air and natural light comes in. The cheerful touches in this patio makes the space looks even more fun.

Natural Space
This patio offers natural look in the entire space with natural forces. The floor in this patio is really beautiful with the patterned lines. It is also seen in the table and the rattan fence also brings the natural touche here. Combined with white cushion, luncheons and chair, the space looks beautifully neutral.

Simple Warmth
While the previous one shows a strong warm look in the patio, this one here puts natural touches in simple designed bench, chair and tray table. This is perfect to start the day and to spend the weekend.

Wooden Grid
This patio also puts wooden material to the patio and brings beautiful details of wooden grid in this patio seen in this chair, table, plants pot and shelves on the board behind the bench. This wooden grid and the plants make a beautiful combination.

Warm Grid
Similar to the previous ones, the grids are having fun here. The grid brings warmth to the highest level in this patio. The interesting thing is that all is in grid from the half round table, chair, rug, shelves, to bench.

Inside the Patio
Although it is fun to have dining room in the open patio, it is still romantic and fresh to have dining room inside the patio like this one here. With glass wall, the patio in this one can still bask in the bright and warm light.

Modern Patio
In this patio, a pretty dining set is placed in the middle. The wooden chairs with rattan seat match the wooden pendant above and this combination puts a beautiful note in this modern patio with cabinet.

Open Room in the Patio
This closed patio puts a modern and sophisticated look with the bar, dining set and the living area. The wooden material gives a nice touch to the bright patio. In a bright day, it will be a great place to relax.

Rustic Patio
This patio gives radiates rustic ambiance with the metal chairs and rattan rug. The plants on the wall looks fresh and strong too.