Let’s be real: Swimsuit shopping is tough. Not only is it hard because everyone’s body is different, but there are SO many brands out there, and so much to filter through; it can be overwhelming. Also, online shopping for bathing suits is less than ideal because you can’t try anything on. But, we here at EHD have been talking a lot about summer trips and beach days so a bunch of us are on the hunt for the perfect suit. We figured since we are looking all for the same thing, why not share with you lovely readers and call it work? (ha! jk.) Last year, you all really loved this post and since we have some additions to the team, we thought it would be fun to do a “Virtual EHD Shopping Tour: Swimsuit edition” with five us who all have different body types and wants and needs when it comes to swimwear. These are all the swimsuits we are contemplating buying or in some cases, have bought and LOVE. Let’s get into it.

Name: Emily
Title: Emily of Emily Henderson Design (founder!)
How would you describe your figure? I’m petite but curvy and have secret boobs and currently a tummy that could probably use a month of souping before suiting.
What do you look for in a swimsuit? The challenge is that I can never find a one piece that supports the ladies and I’m done wearing bikinis (well, maybe in Souptember). I look for boob support and ideally some pattern to disguise some tummy ripples. I also am so fair that I prefer a color over black, but currently, my favorite swimsuit due to fit is black and I wish so badly it came in a black and white vertical stripe.
What are you willing to spend on swimwear? I’d spend up to $300 if it’s flattering, modest enough to wear around kids and in-laws.

Emily Henderson Swimsuits Emily

1. The Sunbather, $95: I’m excited to see if this brand is as flattering and comfortable as it looks. I am not afraid of a bright pink and red number, and I am really into the shape of this one.

2. Babe, $450: I’m EXTREMELY curious why this suit would be $450. What could it possibly do to your body?? MAGIC? I want to try it but thank god it’s sold out in my size.

3. Frida One Piece, $200: I like this one because there is a shelf to hold the ladies, plus a thick strap which seems comfortable (and is a cut I like on me).

4. Gaia Bodysuit, $230: I’ve talked about this suit before (and likely won’t stop talking about it) because it is just so good.

5. The Fused Delta Bikini Top, $50: This top looks like it could definitely support my secret boobs. This one is from that same brand as #1 that I am excited to try. Their stuff is cute and I really like their general ethos.

6. The Belted Classic High Rise, $45: I know I said I am done wearing bikinis, but I feel like I can see myself in this one because of this high-waisted bottom. Oh, and I love the little belt detail.

In case you need a refresher on the team, we included photos so you can get the gist of who’s talking. First up, our Editorial Director Arlyn can’t wait to show you the suits she’s been eyeing…(she may have purchased one since writing this):

Ehd Nisolo 05

Name: Arlyn
Title: Editorial Director
How would you describe your figure? I’m pretty petite (5’3”) and definitely curvy. I’m hourglass-shaped, just like…in larger proportions. My chest is LARGE and I’ve got some Latina hips and legs on me.
What do you look for in a swimsuit? I have pretty low expectations for finding swimwear that makes me feel cute + just sexy enough + young(ish). I have a very large, heavy chest so I absolutely, without question, need an underwire. “Full bust support” usually means a built-in molded cup (HAHAHAHA) with a shelf liner or just a tight seam under the bust. That’s cute…maybe if my chest was half the size it is, but I’m not kidding around. I want perky, round, young boobs in a swimsuit, and the ONLY way for me to accomplish that with my GG-cup breasts (yup, that’s a cup size people) is to have an UNLINED, bra-sized underwire swimsuit with adjustable straps and back clasp. Also, most underwired, cup-sized swimsuits are bikinis and I just don’t feel comfortable in one (never have). It really just makes me feel like swimwear companies are lazy (or the market share for my body type is VERY small, which somehow I doubt). DO BETTER SWIMSUIT COMPANIES. Oh, and I like thicker fabrics because they are lasting but also slimming.
What are you willing to spend on swimwear? I’ve spent upwards of $175 on suits, but I’m happy to do that because I only buy them every few years and I’d prefer to purchase something that fits really well, makes me feel confident, and is high-quality so it lasts years and years.

Emily Henderson Swimsuits Arlyn New

1. Pour Moi Glamour, $80: I love a black swimsuit, and I think the “mesh” sections (which are not sheer, actually) could be nicely waist-defining. Sizes through 38G.

2. Fig Leaves, $65: LOVE the price point here and the fun embroidery feels summery without being too young (or aging). Sizing goes through a 38G. The back strap seems a little wimpy (that’s where most of the support comes from), but I might order and try on, actually.

3. Peekaboo One Piece, $95: This is SO cute and actually looks age appropriate (unlike other underwire suits on the market). It says it supports up to a G cup and while I’m skeptical of anything that doesn’t actually have an underwire in terms of support…I’m intrigued (even though I’d have to squeeze my ladies in there).

4. Pour Moi Halter, $69: I like a halter because I can adjust it to be as “lifting” as I want. My Puerto Rican-toned skin would work well against the bright red I think.

5. Pour Moi Control High Waist Bottom, $35: I love that the bottom is high-waisted to help with sucking and tucking any tummy woes.

6. Anya Underwire Balcony Swimsuit, $99:  Panache swimwear has NEVER failed me. I probably buy one of their suits every year or two. The price point seems reasonable, the side rushing would be nice to camouflage some of my fluff, and I just think it’s a classic suit that would be pretty flattering. Sizes go up to a 40K. (I have purchased this since writing and I’ll report back when it arrives.)

Next up, Ryann is serving all the classic swimsuit feels…


Name: Ryann
Title: Special Projects Editor
How would you describe your figure? I have long legs (I am 5’9″) and a bit of a booty, thick thighs, medium/large bust, and a bit of a tummy that I just recently learned to love. ?
What do you look for in a swimsuit? Extra support for my girls + a cheeky bottom to accentuate my butt (and a sustainable brand is a huge PLUS for me). I prefer one-piece bathing suits but will do a two-piece if the bottoms are flattering enough and highlight my long legs. I also like my bathing suits to be practical and well fitting, because I HATE worrying about a nip slip when swimming.
What are you willing to spend on swimwear? I will spend upwards of $150 only because I am trying to buy from sustainable brands only, which tend to be a bit more expensive. I will likely only buy one of the below picks for this summer because I prefer quality over quantity (and I don’t mind wearing the same suit over and over).

Emily Henderson Swimsuits Ryann2

1. The Amalfi, $96: I love a classic black one-piece. This one is like the little black dress of bathing suits and it is made sustainably by a really good brand—and it is under $100?! Sign me up.

2. V-Neck One Piece, $95: When Arlyn sent me her picks as I was prepping this post, I saw one of her choices was from this brand so I took a look at their site. Let me tell you, their stuff is great and I love they are so size inclusive. I love a classic silhouette like this one and the color is gorgeous. I am not totally convinced the color would look good with my skin tone, but luckily they have it in a black, as well.

3. Second Wave Ruffled Draw String One Piece, $75: Okay, this one is so cute. I love the fun colors and the string tie up top. Not sure if the support would be great but it is a good price and sustainable. It is from Madewell’s new swimwear line that uses recycled water bottles (!!). I am very into it.

4. Konoka Top, $81: I am just going to say it: red looks very good on me. It is my color, for sure. I really like this top because it looks like it has support (and um, my boobs can always use an extra lift).

5. Island Jo Jo Bottom, $100: I like bottoms that are high cut because I have long legs but I also have a long torso (horrible problem to have, I know) but in order to shorten my torso a bit and elongate my legs, these bottoms would be perfect.

6. Josi Top, $75: This top is special. I just really like the shape and how it comes off as “sporty chic.”

7. Morgan Bottom, $85: I am trying to decide if I like a high-waisted bottom on me. On one hand, they do cover the lower tummy pooch, but sometimes it can actually accentuate that area.

Moving right along, Veronica’s picks are as colorful, cute and bright as she is:

Ehd Nisolo 04veronica

Name: Veronica
Title: Photo Assistant
How would you describe your figure? I grew up playing sports my whole life—mainly soccer and volleyball—so, I would say my body type is athletic. I have a smaller waist and strong thighs, a booty from playing mostly lower-body working sports and I have a little bit of lower tummy pouch, so going high-waisted has been a go-to these days!
What do you look for in a swimsuit? I tend to go for the more sports-bra type of swimsuits i.e. swoop necks and my typical bottom preference is cheeky.
What are you willing to spend on swimwear? I am willing to spend no more than $50 on a swimsuit set (no more than $20-25 top, no more than $20-25 bottom).

Emily Henderson Swimsuits V

1. Seersucker Lace-Up Bandeau Top, $20: I am in the camp of tube top swimsuits because hi, no tan lines! I love the ribbed texture of this and it looks like it has just the right amount support.

2. Seersucker High-Waist Bottoms, $18I’ve been very into the high-waisted look lately and adore this color. 

3. Textured One Piece, $18Everyone needs a simple black suit! I like this one because no strap tan lines + ribbed texture is always comfy.

4. Cut-out One Piece, $25I like this suit because of the color. I think it looks great on those of us with darker skin tones.

5. Bandeau Bikini Top, $15I really like the color red on me and think this top is too cute! (I am all about color, apparently!)

6. High Waisted Bikini Bottoms, $15: I love a cheeky, high waisted bottom and this one checks both of those boxes. Oh, and it’s under $20!

7. Ribbed Side Scoop Bikini Top, $15: So I recently bought this top with matching colored bottoms and I L.O.V.E. it! It’s super comfy because the top has no latches (it’s like a sports bra), and the color is amazing and vibrant. 

8. Ribbed High-Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottom, $30: Another high-waisted, cheeky bottom, surprise surprise. ?

Lastly, Grace picked probably some of the chicest bathing suits we have ever seen…

Ehd Nisolo 02 For Grace2

Name: Grace
Title: Social Media Manager
How would you describe your figure? Average height (or maybe on the shorter side, hi Asian genes), heavier in the mid-section.
What do you look for in a swimsuit? Something that will suck it all in! A print would be great, but nothing too overly floral. And the other most important thing is that they must either be halter tops or something with a v-neck as I find that those are the most flattering on me.
What are you willing to spend on swimwear? Preferably $60 or under, but in the past when I’ve been feeling desperate, I could go up to $100, plus taxes.

Emily Henderson Swimsuits Grace

1.  High Neck Keyhole One Piece, $40: I love the print and color of this one and I am a huge fan of a halter top (plus this one has that cute cutout detail).

2.  Cold-Shoulder Swimsuit, $27Ooh. I’m into the ruffled cold shoulder sleeve situation. And once again, you already know it…halter top.

3. Shirred Scallop Halter, $40Cute scallop detail, cutout in chest area is a plus and it’s a halter! Plus, it looks like there’s a little bit of a ruching detail in the mid-section, which I like. 

4. Reagon One Piece, $166: This one is like the evening gown of swimwear. Ha! I think the crisscross detail on the body could be flattering, the neckline could also be flattering on me, and I love the back! But, I would only buy if I was REALLY feeling splurge-y.

5. Peplum-Hem Swimsuit, $50Peplum tops aren’t my favorite for my body type, but I’ve never tried it in a swimsuit. This one is kinda cute and might hide some of my mid-section issues…?

Alright folks. That is all we have for you today. What swimwear brands do you love/ are dying to try? We want to know. Happy shopping and happy Saturday. xx

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