A favourite Sydney spot of ours, Rushcutter’s Bay has been starved for some new creative inspiration for some time but luckily the newly-opened Coma Gallery is sure to help fuel the artistically inclined.

Motivated by a focus to share contemporary artworks only previously on show in the Northern Hemisphere with an Australian audience, founder Sotiris Sotiriou and his young team have already introduced an impressive collection of European and American artists to our shores. Launching late last year with the ‘True Love Over Physics’ exhibition featuring works from 10 American and European artists, the gallery is currently showing young British artist Jon Pilkington with a solo exhibition titled ‘Weather for Leather’.

While the art is sure to be the central focus of a visit to Coma, we also love the pared-back, minimal spaces of the gallery interior. As an art consultant and collector himself, Sotiriou clearly has an eye for understanding how best to let the works blossom in the space and the industrial elements of the gallery add compliment to the more ornate pieces in the exhibition. In short, this gallery is a knockout in both name and aesthetic.

‘Weather for Leather’ runs until the 8th of May 2017.

Coma Gallery

137 Bayswater Road, Rushcutter’s Bay

(02) 8316 3592

‘Weather for Leather’ is the first solo exhibition at Coma from artist Jon Pilkington.  Pilkington’s work explores abstraction through figuration, investigating the role of the motif and the relationship it holds to drawing in contemporary abstract painting.

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