The owners of this cozy apartment – a married couple with an adult daughter – are a vivid confirmation of this. Charming travelers with a great sense of humor, who love yachting and team competitions, tried to create maximum space and air in the interior of the house.

On 117 square meters, there is a kitchen-living room, two bedrooms, an office, dressing rooms and two bathrooms. The designer’s task was to create a stylish and comfortable interior with the most useful space. It was decided to separate the private area from the common, combining the kitchen with the living room.

To emphasize the unity of the space, the facades of the kitchen cabinets were chosen, matching in color and style with the cabinet furniture of the living room. The sleek gray electric sofa can be tilted and extendable with the footrest. And to create a certain mood, multi-level lighting and an electric fireplace are provided.

Since the landlord often works from home, a study was provided for him with a large work desk and a sofa bed, made in dark green leather, in case any of the guests stayed overnight. The painting above the sofa, combined with a decorative pillow and stripes on the carpet in scarlet splashes, enlivens the interior of the study. Light gray roman blinds, as in the dining-living room, leave the Scandinavian-style windows as open as possible.

In his personal space, the designer was faced with the task of expressing the owners’ favorite hobbies, so the bedroom is decorated with a picture of yachts and a figure of a swimmer on a gold table, diving into bed. The gray-brown bed in intricate drapery creates an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity. There is also a storage system that can accommodate yachting equipment and suitcases of various sizes for travel.

In the daughter’s bedroom, white ceramic birds at the head of the bed have become a decorative feature of the interior, as if flying out of a cage, the role of which is played by a pendant lamp. Since the daughter of the owners is very fond of reading near the window, window sills with soft pillows and a storage system for books are provided in the apartment in different rooms. Because a beloved home is, first of all, a comfortable home to which it is pleasant to return every time from long journeys.

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