It started with your normal Fall colours, then suddenly I found myself introducing pink, and blue, and purple into today’s project.

Fall is what you make it! I may not be a traditionalist when it comes to Fall, but there’s plenty I love about it. Pumpkins is definitely one of them. So whatever colours you choose, below you’ll find out how to make these 3D pumpkin tags for all your gifting this season.
Textured card stock (yellow, green, and orange)2″ oval punchGlue stick

ScissorsGlitter card stock in different colours3″ circle punchSmall hole punchHot glue gunBaker’s twine in different colours


Using the oval punch, create six shapes of the same colour on the textured paper. Fold them in half so that the textured part is on the inside. Glue them all together by applying glue to one half as shown and adhering another piece. When you get to the last piece, do not glue the two ends together.

Choose a sheet of glitter paper that compliments your pumpkin and make the tag shape using the large circle punch. Punch a hole at the top for the twine to go thru. Then cut a length of jute (about 2″), and tie a knot at one end.

Hot glue the “stem” of the pumpkin to the tag first. Then hot glue the pumpkin in the centre. (Tip: Tape or a regular glue stick will not adhere well to glitter paper so I definitely recommend hot glue on a low temperature setting.) String the baker’s twine through for a completed 3D pumpkin tag.

Total project time: about 15 minute for four tags.


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