Nowadays business woman — are not uncommon. Ladies along with men to earn a living, build a career, achieve success, in leadership positions. A successful woman has always and everywhere to be cohesive, well-groomed, strong, representative and, at the same time attractive and stylish. In order to make this possible, a woman should rely on a balanced diet, healthy sleep and, of course, the right wardrobe. If we talk about the garments that best suited working fashionistas, the leaders among all other dresses will be. It’s time to learn what business clothes will be in demand in the fashion environment spring-summer 2019.

Prints and colors fashionable office dresses spring-summer 2019

A variety appeared and prints office dresses. The traditional business fashion print is geometric. And in this warm season, nothing has changed. Brock Collection, Suno, Veronique Leroy, Mother of Pearl, A Detacher, DKNY, Joseph included in his runway shows dresses with stripes, diamonds, circles in the form of peas and other geometric shapes.

Модные расцветки офисных платьев весна-лето 2019 фотоМодные расцветки офисных платьев весна-лето 2019 фото

Restrained geometry is perfectly suited for everyday work: it was collected, concentrated and very elegant. Given the seasonality on the catwalks you can see and floral patterns, among which a special place was occupied by the flowers (Simone Rocha, Naeem Khan, Oscar de la Renta, Boss, Barbara Tfank). Maiyet, Issa, DKNY, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Bottega Veneta also introduced printed office outfits. Their dresses were decorated with artistic strokes, abstract line, photo prints, military-inspired.

Модные расцветки офисных платьев весна-лето 2019 фото

Moschino went even further, so characteristic of this brand. His dresses graced the fantasies of road works, which will surely please the girls working in this area. Classic colors for office outfits are grey, black, beige, Navy blue, white. However, in the spring and summer season so you want to dilute your image more vivid, summer-warm and Sunny colors. Anticipating the desires of working women, many well-known brands included in their collection is quite simple and elegant outfits, made in muted yellow, mustard, blue, cream, turquoise. These clothes just fit perfectly into the business style spring-summer season 2019. Decent copies can be seen in the collections of Aquilano Rimondi, Boss, Gucci, Edeline Lee, Donna Karan, Roland Mouret. The classics stayed true Opening Ceremoning, Zero+Maria Cornejo and many other brands.

Модные расцветки офисных платьев весна-лето 2019 фото

In that case, if the dress code does not prohibit conduct experiments with color, or an invitation was received at a gala business event, you are allowed to use even bolder colors. In this case, no one will forbid you to wear a dress of bright red, yellow, pink or green.

Maximum closed fashionable office dresses spring-summer 2019

Strict maximum closed business dresses are ideal for office, business meetings, conferences and other similar events, in addition, this version of the dress is very fashionable in 2019. In the most closed dress any woman would look elegant and sophisticated, and most importantly to comply with all the requirements of business style. Stock your wardrobe with such dresses offer: Hermès, JilSander, Loewe, Olivier Theyskens, Paule Ka, Theo, Bottega Veneta and Huishan Zhang.

Модные расцветки офисных платьев весна-лето 2019 фото

Fashionable office pencil dresses spring-summer 2019

Discreet and feminine fitted dresses for many years out of office use. This style is favoured by millions of working ladies. In these dresses it is possible to always remain personable, strict, but very attractive and feminine.

Модные расцветки офисных платьев весна-лето 2019 фото

Fitted dresses or pencil dresses presented by designers quite a wide range of colors and fabrics. For example, Bibhu Mohapatra and Christian Siriano offered discreet beige and grey, Marchesa Notte included in its line color gorgeous bodycon dress is made of lace that is best suited to the working party. Suno, Christian Siriano, Kimora Lee Simmons adorned their creations with geometric prints, and Barbara Tfank floral. Mother of Pearl, Martin Grant, Altuzarra and Dolce & Gabbana presented the classic cases traditional colours of their dresses were executed in black, dark blue and milk colors.

Fashionable office dresses pencil spring-summer 2019

Choosing business office dresses, you should pay attention to the model, which is called «pencil». In appearance this model is similar to the sheath dress, but it has a cut line at the waist. This version of the dress especially looks good on tall girls.

Модные расцветки офисных платьев весна-лето 2019 фото
With dresses pencil you can visually adjust the shape. This model is often sewn from fabrics-companions, so it looks like a blouse with a skirt. If the hip is significantly higher breast volume (the type of shape «triangle»), you should buy a dress where the top is sewn from light fabric and skirt of dark. Broad-shouldered girls with narrow hips should choose the opposite option – the dress bright skirt and a dark top.

Fashion office dresses with the smell of spring-summer 2019

Beautiful, timeless and feminine dresses with the smell – lasting trend of recent years, which it would be impossible not to include in the list the most proper dresses for business women. They are perfectly correct figure, bringing ee to the ideal hourglass shape, conceal a full stomach. Often, dresses with a smell have a deep V-neck accentuates the neckline. If you pick up a dress for work, consider less bold options cut.

Модные расцветки офисных платьев весна-лето 2019 фото

Fashion office dresses with collars spring-summer 2019

Come back into fashion forgotten dresses with collars. Strict collar business dress contributes to a touch of elegance and coquetry. In addition, dresses with collars will help relieve a few years. Dresses with collars at first glance evoke thoughts of work or study. Due to the presence of such a male element, such as a collar, such as outfits always looked strict and restrained. However, over time designers have adapted such models to create real masterpieces, bringing to them the lion’s share of femininity and creativity.

Модные расцветки офисных платьев весна-лето 2019 фотоМодные расцветки офисных платьев весна-лето 2019 фото

Fashionable office dresses boxy spring-summer 2019

Office dresses free cut, sewn, flared or wide-leg cut is a must — have for the warm season. They are not only for overweight women who want to visually hide figure flaws, but also for slender women. Thanks style bell or baggy cut, they will look bold and very stylish, but matching the worker to the dress code.

Модные расцветки офисных платьев весна-лето 2019 фотоМодные расцветки офисных платьев весна-лето 2019 фото

Speaking of colours, it can be noted that preference is given to classic white, black and beige color. There are models in dark blue, light grey and deep green colours.

Fashionable office dresses A — line spring-summer 2019

If the dress code of your company allows you some freedom in choosing a business outfit, you can pick up a dress, skirt which is much wider than the top of the product. Of course, Princess dresses, new bow, a pack, etc the case will be categorically inappropriate, while dress A-line will look very harmonious. If you view the collections of Bottega Veneta, Christian Dior, Alberta Ferretti, Vera Wang, you can find them the perfect options subdued dresses with flared skirts.

Модные расцветки офисных платьев весна-лето 2019 фото

Fashion office dress shirt spring-summer 2019

This element of the wardrobe of each business lady. Modern designers offer luxurious models of shirt-dresses that accentuate femininity. This version of office clothes can be worn regardless of the type of figure. The style of dress with a belt at the waist and a vertical line of buttons allows you to make a woman slimmer, because it is formed by a vertical line. Dress shirt is worn with a belt to emphasize the waist, but you can do without it. Beautiful button-down collar attracts attention and decorates this model of office clothes.

Модные расцветки офисных платьев весна-лето 2019 фото

Fashionable office dresses sleeveless spring-summer 2019

When choosing office attire for autumn-winter season, you can still think about whether it is appropriate to look at your bare shoulders and arms. However, when it comes to spring and summer period, the issue disappears by itself. Fashion in this case! Boldly cut away the shoulders, chest area and hands, of course, within reason. Quite decent options business dresses spring-summer 2019 sleeveless met in the clothing lines David Koma, Donna Karan, Zac Posen, Giorgio Armani.

Модные расцветки офисных платьев весна-лето 2019 фотоFashionable office dresses achromatic shades spring-summer 2019

Achromatic gamma – shades of dirty gray and white to intense black – classic business style. A huge benefit of these outfits is not so much their versatility combined with the rest of the palette, but the ability to visually correct the shortcomings figures. Branded fashion houses and their seasonal novelties insist that even the most conservative fashionista should think about changing your usual wardrobe in favor of a more honest, courageous, sometimes a little aggressive options.

Модные расцветки офисных платьев весна-лето 2019 фото