The cardigan is a basic item of clothing that should be in every woman’s wardrobe. It will warm you from the cold and will complement any image. Therefore, it is better to have several fashion in 2019 women’s cardigans, which help to create a different look-and with an already annoying things. Cardigan can refresh any way to add «flavor».

In 2019 designers in search of inspiration, continue to refer to past decades. This time they came to the aid of the ‘ 90s and early 2000s. From this period, they learned the following ideas:

    Cropped, female models, cold stomach; shapeless options in grunge style; long sleeves; models-two.

Цветовая гамма модных кардиганов весна-лето 2019 фотоЦветовая гамма модных кардиганов весна-лето 2019 фото

Fashionable colors of cardigans spring-summer 2019

As a rule, the classic cardigan is designed in dark blue, gray or black tones. This allows you to combine it with almost all things in the wardrobe. However, if you have in the closet already has this option, why in 2019 not try something new? Good designers style brand new and relatively unknown color – grass-green. It will make the image more vivid. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this color.

Цветовая гамма модных кардиганов весна-лето 2019 фото

You should not be afraid of bright combinations! Green perfectly combined with delicate pink color, creating a truly spring look. Interesting and noble and it goes well with blue. Another recent trend is the combination of green and white.

Prints and trim fashion cardigans spring-summer 2019

In fashion like plain cardigans with calm shades and is very bright with many different colors and prints.

Plain cardigans are perfect for creating a variety of images as a basic element, of course, that in this case you need to add color either with accessories or a bright blouse or t-shirt.

Цветовая гамма модных кардиганов весна-лето 2019 фото

Among the prints, you notice how the flora and fauna – and large roses and delicate orchids, drawings reminiscent of the coloring of the big cats, as well as bands with different colors, widths and textures. No less popular and recurring small schematic drawings.

Cardigans season spring-summer 2019 decorated with fringe and fur completely, or just on the edge. Similar can be said about their length, from the minimum to the fringe with a length of 15-20 cm.

Цветовая гамма модных кардиганов весна-лето 2019 фото

They look awesome cardigans with crystals, large buttons or embroidery. Cardigans with collars, like a soft jacket, great for office images. Another practical option is the cardigans with sewn on top of a large pocket which will fit a lot of mileage, so it is necessary)

As for dresses, in fashion, the use of thin and medium width belts. They perfectly accentuate your slender waist, even in the case of a massive cardigan.

Fashionable cardigans buttoned spring-summer 2019

Equipped with a button-down cardigans can be made in different styles. The trend in 2019 will be model-knit, updated with an oversized ornaments, braids, colors. The buttons on these cardigans can be large, decorated with yarn. Will also stylish short knit patterns that go very well with dresses, pants, jeans. The selection of designs and elongated type, framed with beautiful buttons down the entire length. For such clothes better to choose accessories that can emphasize the waistline, for example, leather straps. The basic rule which should be followed in selecting a cardigan with buttons – hardware should not be an ornament, and match the color palette with the very cardigan.

Цветовая гамма модных кардиганов весна-лето 2019 фото

Fashionable asymmetrical cardigans spring-summer 2019

Asymmetrical clothing also predict the role of the hit. Thanks to the incomprehensible, and sometimes Vice versa – clear – lines can be beautiful and stylish to adjust the proportions of your figure and emphasize all its beauty and, of course, to create individual, unique ensemble complete with other things. She appeared in coats, skirts, and then moved to a cosy and warm knitted cardigans. The designers chose to place an asymmetrical line at the bottom of, and in the placement of zippers and buttons. Even a simple thing can easily turn into a fashionable – it is necessary to button up to their potential. And now – lightweight asymmetric dress without any extra costs already in your pocket.

Цветовая гамма модных кардиганов весна-лето 2019 фото

Fashionable cardigans without fasteners and buttons spring-summer 2019

Some stylists advise us to completely abandon buttons on the cardigan – so he turns into some sort of shape of a Cape. Fashionistas will love them for the following features – first, it will highlight your slender proportions, but the more you can keep them extra inches. Just a magical kind of thing. We do not recommend them for girls with a small increase – you will look too massive, and it is unlikely anyone should be. The ease and elegance of the cardigan is additionally emphasized by the choice of colors – beige, gray and cream here out of competition.

Цветовая гамма модных кардиганов весна-лето 2019 фото

Fashion looks with long cardigans spring-summer 2019

There are several of them and all interesting. A fashionable look with the cardigan, you can be in any of the current styles. Of course, the indispensable, he will be in classic combinations, included such outfits will look perfectly blouses paired with skirts or pants. But that image was truly elegant, things companion need to pick up as best as you can. The fact that such imagery is easy to simplify, to do little mundane and respectable, supplementing them with cheap stuff. Collecting this way, prefer things very simple cut, sewn from very high quality materials.

Цветовая гамма модных кардиганов весна-лето 2019 фото

And of course it wouldn’t be difficult to collect the daily image with the jeans and top, any style. But the catch is that these images are too popular, too well-known to the mainstream.

Stand out from the crowd, while keeping the comfort of the image, will allow the most current models, for example in vintage style with asymmetry or fashion long cardigans with an oversized applique. In such ensembles the great advocate the most subtle fashionable cardigans and warm. And this is another way to diversify and make a stylish seasonal wardrobe. In any case, even fashionistas are older it is worth remembering that in this season there is no clear distinction on youth and age model. And you need to choose only those that will surround it.

Fashionable cardigans oversized spring-summer 2019

Several seasons ago, different model oversized in Vogue and is more and more niches. Cardigans oversized, nobody will be surprised – on the contrary – this is the most attractive thing. Cardigans oversize – this is a great find for girls who have not the most perfect figure. That is a loose fit, which allows you to hide figure flaws, selects a large number of girls. But for the girls with a perfect figure model oversized cardigans are a good option. She appears very fragile and delicate. If you achieve just this effect from their appearance, the oversized cardigan is what you need.

Цветовая гамма модных кардиганов весна-лето 2019 фото

Fashionable cardigans sleeveless spring-summer 2019

These models resemble a vest without sleeves and feature an elongated silhouette and loose fit. Fabric – mostly wool and knit. Welcome both the gross and neat woven models. Such novelties are perfect for chilly spring period, when to walk in the jacket becomes hot and to dress in lighter cardigans and jackets yet.

Цветовая гамма модных кардиганов весна-лето 2019 фото

Loose cardigans in grunge style spring-summer 2019

It seems the 90 is firmly occupied by international catwalks. Of course, with a modern twist. A distinctive feature of this style is ostentatious disregard of fashion, and everything beautiful. The main thing – convenience and comfort. Choose shapeless models. Perfect if they will cover only one shoulder, sexy recession of the other.

Цветовая гамма модных кардиганов весна-лето 2019 фото

These female models are the riot of color and provocative cut-outs. Forget about the various decorations in the form of rhinestones, sequins, appliques – grunge extremely austere style.

Цветовая гамма модных кардиганов весна-лето 2019 фото

These cardigans designers recommend to combine with basic t-shirts and tops in neutral tones. Such a bright article of clothing just needs to get it trimmed neutral bottom. It is best suited for this purpose classic or faded jeans.

Fashionable cardigans on the locks spring-summer 2019

In the season spring-summer 2019 will enter into fashion cardigans zip. Most are insulated model that will survive a light spring breeze. This option is ideal for the young and for busy women who prefer sports style in clothes. Because such models resemble the jacket, but look more feminine. Wearing such a model has been proposed in combination with clothes in sports style or casual style. Shoes are advised to choose today’s fashionable shoes, sneakers or ballet flats. And forget about heels. The actual length is to the hip.

Цветовая гамма модных кардиганов весна-лето 2019 фото

Fashion cardigans batwing spring-summer 2019

Cardigan this solution has undeniable advantages. It helps to create a layered look, perfectly combined with any wardrobe staple. Among the fashionable novelties with sleeves «bat» can be seen capes with fringe, pockets, asymmetrical hem, drape. This model will be perfect to sit on any figure. For slim girls, it will emphasize the fragility of the figures, ladies in a body will be able to hide the problem areas.

Цветовая гамма модных кардиганов весна-лето 2019 фото