Coloring red hair

Red hair the brightest shades of natural hair! This year stylists emphasize that the actual natural shades of hair, and therefore, the colouring must be as natural as possible!

Today we talk about the coloring of red hair and let the brightest trends of the season!
Coloring red hair is not an easy thing when you consider the combination of colors and the texture of the hair. In General, the colorists note that in the new season, the primacy given to natural shades, as well as the surround color of the hair. On this and many other things in today’s article!

Колорирование рыжих волос

Did you know that red hair in perfect harmony with olive skin and green eyes? This is one of the most exciting type of its kind. But it turns out that the natural shade of hair is not so bright. That is why many women prefer to refresh the image and make it more vivid.

Speaking of red hair, we mean fashionable this year shades of copper, rust, brick, hair colors. If you want to make the image brighter note, these trendy combinations.

So, this year it is fashionable to combine just 3-4 colors in a single hue. This technique kolorirovanie hair allows you to make color deeper and give the hair volume effect. In addition, the actual natural combination of colors. For example, red, sand and dark brown or red, blonde and milky. It all depends on what shade of hair you want to get. If we are talking about the bright colours of hair, it is better to take a combination of blonde, red, sandy, or milk chocolate, caramel, red.

Колорирование рыжих волос

If you want to get a dark shade of red, the perfect combination will be: caramel, amber, brown or amber, red and bitter chocolate.

Remember that red hair color is in perfect harmony with light skin and brown, green or blue eyes!

For coloring red hair many artists use walnut and caramel color. This solution allows you to create a natural and vivid way to emphasize the beauty of red hair. According to many stylists, the combination of several shades of red colors creates a natural look.

To create an unusual image, stylists recommend the use of muted colors this season. In particular, the actual shades such as plum, blueberry, cherry. Mixing them with a natural red colour obtained an unusual hair color that will immediately attract attention.

Колорирование рыжих волос

The coloring may look diverse, depending on the width of the painted strands and shades of hair. This year the very popular coloring fine strands. This solution allows you to create volumetric hair shades which look very stylish. If you use the «color stretching», it is possible to obtain a beautiful, natural shade of hair. In particular, this season’s popular colouring technique Ombre, which implies a smooth transition from one shade to another.

Coloring on the tips of the hair

In order to refresh the image is not completely necessary to Paint the hair. Sometimes it is sufficient coloring of the hair.

In General, this method has justified itself on 100%, because dyed hair looks really natural.
Today it is popular to dye your hair in natural shades, this means that the shade of hair should be maintained properly.

Колорирование рыжих волос

For rich red hair color the perfect solution will be the coloring of hair with copper and caramel shades. But in order to refresh the image, to make it more young and beautiful, the style is recommended to use light shades: light blonde, Golden, milk, chocolate, etc.

Колорирование рыжих волос

The bright coloring of red hair

Bright hair Coloring is not like everyone. However, there are those who can not imagine my life without bright images. And today we’ll talk about the bright coloring of the hair, which albeit does not claim to be the main trend, but still enjoys popularity among many women.

Колорирование рыжих волос

The most popular option this year – the combination of red hair and black shade. This unusual combination of colors allows you to create a bright and saturated kolorirovanie. In turn the wizard choose a variety of techniques, demonstrating unusual methods of painting. In fact, the uniqueness of the unusual hair coloring is not only bright colors, and unusual techniques. For example, many masters practiced the art of coloring hair, coloring the hair with a brush, like real artists. The result of this painting will also be unique.

Колорирование рыжих волос

One of the most popular trends remains hair coloring in red and white. This coloring looks very bright and unusual! However, it uses additional shades such as gold, beige, milk, caramel, etc.