Download this free Coloring Page For Adults on Maritza Lisa! Coloring is the perfect way to pass the time and clear your mind.

It’s the long weekend and whether you’re heading out of town or hanging out at home, I wanted to make sure you got my latest free coloring page for adults (and kids too) to help you decompress and recharge during your down time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve edited this drawing, so instead of another round of edits and to save my sanity, I decided to release it to you now. Scroll on down to get your copy!

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Why Start Coloring Now?

Aside from the fact that we’re spending more time at home, coloring is a hobby that we can all get into without worrying about a learning curve. We’ve been doing it since we were kids, and whether you feel rusty or not, this activity (if you choose) is for you, and no one else. You don’t have to display it or submit it. You can trash it as soon as you’re done, or keep your pages as part of a visual journal.

If you need a little more convincing, here are some benefits of coloring for you to consider:

  1. Coloring can relax us – after a stressful day or week, it’s nice to just unwind by grabbing a page or book to color. Put it on a clipboard, curl up on the couch and you’re set. Wine is optional, of course!
  2. Coloring can exercise the mind – gently activate your logic and creativity when you color. Choosing colors and planning how your image will look at the end will get both sides of our brains working without much effort!
  3. Coloring can stimulate creativity – coloring helps build the imagination and can give us the opportunity to play with new colors and inspire us to think of creative ways to complete our masterpieces
  4. Coloring can be a bonding activity – now that we have a lot of time to spend with our families, why not print out some coloring sheets and color together? It’s a shared activity we can all enjoy, and catchup with each other at the same time

Now that we know how amazing coloring is, let’s download, print and color!


Coloring Page For Adults – Floral Bunch: Materials

Coloring Page For Adults – Floral Bunch: Instructions

Download and print your free coloring page:

Click —> this link <— to go to the download page, then click the download button for the PDF file. Now print the file on white cardstock or printer paper


Color your Floral Bunch:

Color your floral bunch images with your coloring pencils or markers

Download this free Coloring Page For Adults on Maritza Lisa! Coloring is the perfect way to pass the time and clear your mind.


I hope you enjoy your quiet time relaxing and coloring, and can’t wait to hear how you colored your flowers!


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