Given its abundance of rich and vibrant sights, sounds and smells, Hong Kong can be a difficult one to capture fully through art. Yet somehow, the Italian-born Florence Traissac does this and more through her whimsical depictions of the city’s streets, markets, people and traditions. Her work has featured proudly in prints, wall murals and even on the side of Hong Kong’s iconic ‘Ding Ding’ street trams. We caught up with the artist to find out more!

Italian-born artist Florence Traissac outside her Hong Kong studio |

Hi Florence! What is your background?

My parents are originally from France, but I was born and raised in Milan, Italy. I remained there until I was 18 years old. I then moved to Paris and began my studies at Ateliers Met de Peninghen, and later graduated from Ecole de Communication Visuelle (ECV) in Graphic Design and Illustration. I went on to travel in Australia before moving to Hong Kong.

Whimsical painting of Hong Kong

“I have always believed that art is the true and only expression of ourselves, the world and the life we live. It is an experience away from the codified and the limits of our standard communication.”

Colorful painting of Hong Kong

When did you know that you wanted to be an artist?

I have always wanted to be an artist. I’ve loved drawing since I was a kid. It was the environment I liked the most when little, and where I found myself [at] peace.


How did you become an artist?

I was a graphic designer but realized quickly that my main passion was not behind the computer. I kept drawing and when I arrived in Hong Kong, I started to feel very inspired by the city. It all started from there really. I began to believe in my work and gradually showed it to others. Since then, it has been an incredible journey of exhibitions, probate orders, and interesting projects such as murals and school workshops.

How would you describe your artistic style?

My style is colorful, happy and honest. It’s mostly my feelings about a place; I do what I feel rather than working to ‘please the art markets’. It’s sometimes complicated for me to follow the latest art trends if that is not my vision.


What inspires you?

What inspires me is the feeling of a place – my vision of it, the differences that make it unique, the little corners, the people, and the atmosphere.


Who are your favorite artists?

I love many artists, but I have a special love for Klimt, Egon Schiele and Matisse.

Italian-born artist Florence Traissac paints colorful, whimsical depictions of Hong Kong |

How did you come to live in Hong Kong?

I moved to Hong Kong seven years ago for personal reasons and then ended up staying. It has been a book of adventures for me to live on this side of the world!

How do you decorate your home?

I love mixing objects. Old, new or traditional pieces turned into another usage. For instance, I use a market scale to display books – I love them! I tend to mix European furniture with other local pieces. Anything that tells a story is simply beautiful.

Whimsical painting of the streets and culture of Hong Kong by Italian-born artist Florence Traissac |

What are you currently working on?

I am working on commissioned painting projects now, and I just finished a mural in Sheung Wan. I am also working on my accessories line!

What would you like to achieve through your art?

I am doing what I love so I think I have already achieved a lot! I hope to continue to discover myself as an artist, to continue to be free, and to be able to live and work wherever I want.


I love seeing people happy about my work and tell me that they can recognize what I am describing. My clients are all different and I like to please a variety of people. I am very lucky and grateful of what I have managed to achieve thus far!

What do you think of the work by Florence Traissac?


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